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Education on the agenda as Laser-Run returns to Olympia (GRE)

Laser Run

Following the success of the UIPM Laser-Run City Tour in Olympia (GRE) in 2017, the Hellenic Modern Pentathlon Federation (HFMP) staged another special Laser-Run event in the ancient home of the Olympic Games.

More than 60 schoolchildren took part in a Laser-Run race at the International Olympic Academy on April 28, many of them experiencing the UIPM’s fastest-growing development sport for the first time. But Laser-Run was not the only UIPM Sport on the itinerary.

With representatives of the National Olympic Academy of Greece and the Albanian National Olympic Committee present, as well as world and European champion athletes, the children received an educational session on the contribution of Pierre de Coubertin to Olympic sport and an introduction to Modern Pentathlon.

Coubertin founded Modern Pentathlon after establishing the modern Olympic Games in the early 20th century, and the session in Olympia (GRE) took place close to the Coubertin Grove where his heart is buried.

“The schoolchildren tried Laser-Run and so did our visitors and everybody was very enthusiastic about it,” said HFMP President Anastasios Pantazidis.

“In fact the kids were so excited that they arranged a presentation about their experiences, from their own initiative, the day after the event. My thanks go to the National Olympic Academy of Greece for supporting this event.”

Laser-Run was launched in 2015 with the first World Championships taking place in Perpignan (FRA).

The Global Laser-Run City Tour took place in parks, stadiums and iconic urban venues in 60 cities around the world in 2017, with more than 15,000 participants. There are about 100 events scheduled in 2018. 

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