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Global Laser-Run City Tour 2018: circuit returns to Rostov-on-Don (RUS)

Laser Run

The city of Rostov-on-Don in Russia hosted its second Global Laser-Run City Tour on May 1, 2018 – with more than 250 participants experiencing UIPM’s fastest-growing development sport.

People of all ages took part, from children of six to 63-year-old Igor Solimentsev from Luhansk. There was a noticeable surge in numbers aged 13 to 15, thanks to the work of two local coaches who visited a number of schools to give a presentation on Laser-Run to pupils. This aroused a huge interest in the sport in the city. 

Many local politicians and sports administrators were present, including the Governor and Deputy Governor of Rostov, the Minister for Sport, the President of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Rostov and the head of the department of military schools.

The competition was accompanied by singing and dancing by local folk groups, who also participated in the awards ceremonies.

One family, the Valayevs from St Petersburg, made a special contribution to this GLRCT as six children from the family and their parents took part in the racing. Mrs Valayev won the senior women’s event and the children received three awards.

The Government of Rostov declared that it wanted to establish Rostov as a perennial host of GLRCT with the aim of staging another Tour in 2019.

The Global LRCT took place in parks, stadiums and iconic urban venues in 60 cities around the world in 2017, with more than 15,000 participants. There are about 100 events scheduled in 2018.

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