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Kiev kicks off a love affair with Laser-Run


Laser-Run visited the Ukrainian capital of Kiev for the first time during a successful UIPM Laser-Run City Tour.

More than 200 athletes of all ages took part in the competition, which was held in a beautiful recreation area and covered by multiple media outlets.

The event demonstrated a keen interest in the sport among Ukrainians, especially among the youth, fulfilling the main objective of the Laser-Run City Tour to attract many a new audience to UIPM Sports.

Igor Panin, President of the Ukraine Modern Pentathlon Federation (UMPF), explained to a local TV station that Laser-Run is the most accessible of UIPM Sports; running courses and shooting ranges an be adjusted according to athletes' age and most urban venues are suitable.

The UMPF has already expressed an interest in staging Laser-Run City Tours in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Zhytomyr in 2018.

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