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Laser-Run City Tour is born in Tbilisi  


More than 200 athletes from Georgia competed in the UIPM’s new and innovative Laser-Run City Tour, held in Tbilisi on April 1.

The concept is designed to showcase Laser-Run to a global audience and give more and more athletes worldwide an introduction to UIPM Sports, starting them on a road that can end at the Olympic Games.

Tbilisi was the first of about 60 cities that will blaze a trail for LRCT in 2017, and participating athletes came from a number of cities and clubs including Digomi, Penta, Sachkhere, Rustavi, Olimpic, Olimp, Gldani 1, Gldani 2, Gori, Poti, Batumi, Chiatura and Arena.

Competition was hot in the cold weather as the best young Georgian pentathletes demonstrated their strong skills. Gaga Khijakadze, a World Laser-Run medallist from 2015 and 2016, took the U19 silver medal while Natia Matchavariani – also a medallist at the 2015 Laser-Run World Championships – won the U17 girls title.

Noe Pantskhava, 2016 UIPM World Schools Biathlon World Rankings leader, was the winner of the U13 boys gold medal.

Viacheslav Malishev, President of the Georgian Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon National Federation and UIPM Executive Board member for Development, said: “I’m glad that Georgia had the chance to be the first from 50 countries to host UIPM LRCT in 2017.

“This competition, which combines running with laser pistol shooting, is aimed to attract mass participation and widen audience of our sport. This is a great tool for further modern pentathlon development worldwide.”

UIPM Laser-Run expert Anfisa Kasyanova added: “The Georgian Federation has the experience in organizing development competitions and in 2015 it hosted the UIPM Biathle and Triathle World Championships in Batumi. The Organizing Committee of the LRCT in Tbilisi successfully coped with all tasks they were responsible for and held the competition at a high level. This is a good example for all future UIPM LRCT editions.”

France will host the second round of the UIPM Laser Run City Tour on April 8 in Sausset-les-Pins.

The winners and medalists of UIPM Laser Run City Tour in Tbilisi:

U11 Boys

1. Shukakidze Luka 3:52:00 (Sachkhere)

2. Gigauri Nika 3:57:00 (Rustavi)

3. Zabakhidze Nika 4:11:00 (Sachkhere)


U11 Girls

1. Abramishvili Lika 4:13:00 (Sachkhere)

2. Zakarashvili Mariami 4:21:00 (Rustavi)

3. Kirvalidze Tamari 4:36:00 (Sachkhere)


U13 Boys

1. Pantskhava Noe 4:44:0 (Gldani 1)

2. Tsatsiashvili Giorgi 5:02:00 (Digomi 2008)

3. Gogoladze Giorgi 5:09:00 (Rustavi)


U13 Girls

1. Labadze Nino 5:41:00 (Sachkhere)

2. Nikolaishvili Salome 6:06:00 (”Olimpic“)

3. Khludenko Mariam 6:13:00 (Poti)


U15 Boys

1. Gogoladze Luka 7:05:00 (Sachkhere)

2. Qantaria Temuri 7:19:00 (Poti)

3. Tsuriashvili Luka 7:24:00 (Rustavi)


U15 Girls

1. Demetrashvili Mari 7:11:00 (Sachkhere)

2. Pantskhava Elene 7:12:00 (Gldani 1)

3. Beridze Tekla 7:53:00 (Sachkhere)


U17 Boys

1. Kvelashvili Gurami 6:28:00 (Digomi 2008)

2. Mekvabishvili Giorgi 6:33:00 (Digomi 2008)

3. Tvalavadze Sandro 7:02:00 (Digomi 2008)


U17 Girls

1. Matchavariani Natia 7:20:00 (Penta)

2. Abramishvili Ana 7:46:00 (Sachkhere)

3. Kharibina Ekaterine 8:33:00 (Gldani 1)


U19 Boys

3. Javakhia Giorgi 11:22:00 (Penta)

1. Khijakadze Gaga 11:26:00 (Penta)

2. Magrakvelidze Davit 11:30:00 (Penta)


U19 Girls

1. Tchitadze Kristina 14:10:00 (Penta)

2. Abramidze Mariami 15:12:00 (Gori)

3. Mshvildadze Iza 15:42:00 (Gori)


Juniors Boys

1. Jarashneli Giorgi 11:42:00 (Digomi 2008)

2. Gogichashvili Aleksandre 11:44:00 (Penta)

3. Zakaradze Mamuka 12:57:00 (Batumi)


Juniors Girls

1. Papashvili Mari 15:33:00 (”Olimpic“)


Seniors Male

1. Gudushauri Beka 15:02:00 (Gori)

2. Kelekhsashvili Chermen 15:10:00 („Olimp“)

3. Lezhava Levan 15:17:00 („Olimp“)


Masters 40+ Male

1. Berdzenishvili Giorgi 8:28:00 („Olimp“)

2. Berdzenishvili David 8:31:00 („Olimp“)


Masters 40+ Female

1. Korchilava Lia 12:18:00


Masters 60+ Male

1. Kuprashvili Henry 6:51:00

2. Japaridze Zura 6:51:00


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