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Laser-Run City Tour makes May 1 extra special in Rostov-on-Don (RUS)


The latest Laser-Run City Tour in Rostov-on-Don (RUS) was held on 1 May, 2017 with 15 sets of medals for different age categories. There were 219 participants ranging from the age of six (the youngest was Spiridon Valaev) to 55 (the oldest was the Minister of Sport of Rostov-on-Don, Samvel Arakelyan).

The tournament formed part of the 1 May celebrations in the central square of the city with plenty of spectators. The awards ceremony took place on a huge stage in the centre of the square in between performances by pop stars.

Besides the school pupils of Rostov-on-Don, there were many young athletes from military schools of the small towns of Rostov region including Shakhty, Novocherkasks and Orel. Guests from St Petersburg came to participate as well, and a special group of 30+ and 40+ veterans was formed by the mothers of young athletes.

All the regional authorities were present at this LRCT event, which created a real stir in the city and generated interest from many spectators and media outlets.

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