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Laser-Run City Tour: On the march in Magdalena (ARG)


Argentina held its second Laser-Run City Tour in the city of Magdalena, 150km from Buenos Aires where the 2018 Youth Olympic Games will take place.

The event marked the latest part of a development drive by the Argentina Modern Pentathlon Federation, which is seeking to engage new generations in UIPM Sports.

This LRCT, organized by the Magdalena Sports Directorate at the Integral Recreational Center of Magdalena, attracted athletes from across the city and was attended by Mayor Gonzalo Peluso and Sports Director Alejandro Gutiérrez.

The Argentina federation has embraced Laser-Run and is scheduled to hold another LRCT in the Province of Santiago del Estero on November 3, 2017.

The Mayor of Magdalena offered to provide facilities and staff so that a regional South American Championship could be held in the city in the year 2018.

This LRCT was also marked by a great response to the organizers’ call for athletes and volunteers, who came from various sectors of society.

Laser-Run City Tour was created in 2017 to showcase Laser-Run to a global audience and give more and more athletes worldwide an introduction to UIPM Sports, starting them on a road that can ultimately lead to the Olympic Games.

More than 60 cities are hosting LRCTs in 2017 and more than 100 will do so in 2018.

If you would you like to participate in – or host – a Laser-Run City Tour, check out the Events calendar on the UIPM website or email

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