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Certified judges ready to welcome the world to Mexico City (MEX)


The UIPM 2018 Pentathlon World Championships are heading to Mexico City (MEX) in September and UIPM has certified a group of senior judges to oversee the competition.

A UIPM Judges Certification Programme (JCP) course was held from August 20-26 in the Mexican capital, which will host the best pentathletes in the world from September 6-15.

The course was overseen by Ana Ruth Orellana of Guatemala and was specially designed to prepare the judges for the demands of UIPM’s flagship annual competition, with live assessment taking place during Mexico’s national qualifying competition for the World Championships.

As with a number of previous courses in 2018, the syllabus was delivered in the local language, in this case Spanish. The theoretical part of the course was held at ODEPA Auditorium and practical elements took place at the Mexican Olympic Sport Centre, and UIPM Vice-President Juan Manzo Oranegui (MEX), who is also President of the Mexican Modern Pentathlon Federation (FMPM), attended in person to congratulated the judges on their certification.

In the past nine months, UIPM has certified more than 200 judges in various locations across the world, including Jakarta (INA) ahead of the 2018 Asian Games, Almaty (KAZ) ahead of the UIPM 2018 Pentathlon World Cup Final and Buenos Aires (ARG) ahead of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Visit the UIPM educational platform to find a range of resources for athletes, coaches and judges including the JCP courses calendar.

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