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Athletes' Committee Elections

In accordance with the UIPM Rules on Internal Organisation, the Athletes' Committee is composed of 7 members (6 places are elected at Continental Championships respectively and 1 place is at the Senior World Championship).

As provided in article 5 of the UIPM Election Rules, please see below hereto a list of all candidates to the Athletes' Committee along with the country who nominated them.

All the nominations received by UIPM were reviewed by the Electoral Committee that confirmed these meet the requirements set forth in articles 3 and 4 of the UIPM Election Rules.



Candidate Name



Marina Carrier



Prasiantsova Iryna



Robert Bonomo



Yasser Hefny



James Cook



Charles David Wanke



Bence Demeter



Stasiak Sebastian



Lifanov Alexander



Liu Shen-Hung



İlke Özyüksel



Kirpulianskyi Dmytro

General Elections

The next general elections will be conducted during the General Assembly of the 2020 UIPM Congress to be held in Xiamen (CHN) from Nov 13-15.

The elective and assignment positions to be open are described in article 4 of the UIPM Rules on Internal Organization:

  • UIPM Rules on Internal Organization

UIPM Rules on Internal Organization

Below you can find the main details of roles and requirements for elective positions according to UIPM Election Rules.

  • UIPM Election Rules

UIPM Election Rules


1.1 All candidates are elected for 4 years, beginning on the day after the end of the General Assembly in the year of the Olympic Games.

1.2 Nominations for election can only be submitted by Members. Candidates must be citizens of the state represented by the respective Member. In case of dual citizenship, the Member of the state which has the most effective genuine link to the candidate is entitled to present the nomination.

1.3 There cannot be more than one member from one nation in the Executive Board or in any UIPM Committees or UIPM Commissions at the same time. No person can have more than one function in the Executive Board. There shall be no more than three persons from one nation elected in the Executive Board, UIPM Committees and UIPM Commissions at the same time. This provision does not apply to members by right of the Executive Board, members of the Medical Committee and the Honorary Auditors.   




3.2 Nominations for election must be presented to the Secretary General at least 90 calendar days before the day of the elections. Nominations received by UIPM after midnight (CET) of the ninetieth day prior to the first day of the General Assembly or Competition where the election will take place, shall be inadmissible. 



4.1 Prior to submitting a nomination, each Member shall ensure that its candidate meets the following requirements:

i. Shall not be an undischarged bankrupt;

ii. Shall not be younger than 18 years;

iii. Shall never have been condemned for an offence punishable by a term of imprisonment of two or more years (whether or not a term of imprisonment is imposed) unless that person has obtained a pardon or has served the sentence;

iv. Shall not be banned from being a company director;

v. Shall not be subject to an order that the individual lacks competence to manage their own affairs;

vi. Shall not have been deprived of civil rights by proper application of the law;

vii. Shall not have been sanctioned for a breach of any IOC rule, or the UIPM Code of Ethics or UIPM Anti-Doping Rules or any other UIPM Rules;

viii. Shall never have been removed from UIPM office in accordance with the UIPM rules;

ix. Shall never have been prohibited from holding such position, or any similar position, under any other circumstances as provided by law;

x. Shall have decent communication skills in English;

xi. Shall not be a member of the Electoral Committee.

In addition to the foregoing:

Candidates to be Honorary Auditors shall:

(i) have

(a) a university degree in accounting, finance, or law, or

(b) a recognized license or certification in practice of accounting such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP), Certified Bank Auditor (CBA), or similar certification or experience, as determined by the Electoral Committee, and

(c) a thorough understanding of general accounting and budget principles, and

(ii) be independent, which shall mean a person who is not a President, Secretary General, Executive Board member or employee of a Member; Candidates to the Athletes’ Committee, to the Coaches’ Committee and to the Masters’ Committee must have never received any sanction in relation to the World Anti-Doping Code nor in any case connected with betting and manipulation of competitions; Candidates to the Coaches’ Committee must (i) hold an international license/certificate issued by UIPM; and (ii) be an active coach at international level in any one or more of the UIPM disciplines; Candidates to the Technical Committee must hold a valid license of the UIPM Judges Certifcation Programme level 3 (international Judges in all 5 Modern Pentathlon disciplines; Candidates to the Medical Committee must be practising physicians with special knowledge in sports medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry and in laboratory control.

4.2 The Secretary General shall forward all nominations received within the deadline to the Electoral Committee.

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