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Judges Certification Program

The education of technical officials is an essential part of the development of UIPM Sports. Technical Officials ensure all participants get the opportunity to compete equally and fairly and help organizers to deliver their event according to the highest standards.

As part of its Educational Plan, UIPM is launching the Judges Certification Programme (JCP) with the following goals:

i. To provide well-trained and competent officials who will help uphold sporting standards and help to enhance Modern Pentathlon and all UIPM Sports.
ii. To promote a professional approach for recruiting, training, retaining, recognizing and rewarding technical officials.
iii. To design a framework for judges’ education as part of a solid system with a clear pathway which gives them the opportunity to develop their competence by international standards and progress on merit.

Judges Certification Programme - English version

Judges Certification Programme - Russian version

UIPM Judges code of conduct

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