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UIPM Rules and Regulations

UIPM Rules & Regulations as amended and updated are available to download here below.

 UIPM Statutes

UIPM Rules on Internal Organisation

UIPM Election Rules

UIPM Code of Ethics


Modern Pentathlon Competition Rules:

UIPM Competition Rules - General aspects

Competition rules: Fencing

Competition rules: Swimming

Competition rules: Riding

Competition Rules - Combined Event

Modern Pentahtlon Competition Rules Clarification


Other UIPM Sub-Sports:

Biathle Rules

Triathle rules

Guidelines for Biathle and Triathle

World School Biathlon Rules

Laser Run Competition Guidelines


Medical and Anti-Doping:

UIPM Medical Rules

UIPM Anti-Doping Rules

UIPM Anti-Doping Procedures


Other Rules:

Masters Rules

Advertising & Media Rules


The following with regard to Competition Format is new for Rio.

  • Point system divided by 4 so that 1 point = 1 second, meaning it is easier to see handicap start time
  • Combined event changed to 4 laps of 800m and 4 shooting series
  • Fencing Bonus Round introduced

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