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New generation of UIPM judges certified in Cairo (EGY)


More than 40 students have become qualified judges under the UIPM Judges Certification Programme (JCP) after a week-long course in Cairo, Egypt. 

The group attended a series of classes at the Cairo Stadium from July 15-20 after passing the e-learning phase of the programme earlier in the month.

The students also had the opportunity to test their skills during competition practice sessions with Egyptian athletes at senior, junior and youth level.

The newly-certified judges will join others from Egypt who renewed their licences on the panel of officials for the UIPM 2018 Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Hurghada (EGY) in October.

The JCP was restructured in late 2017 to give students a chance to attend dynamic courses with sessions based on a balance between theory and practice. Since then, more than 300 judges have been certified or had their lessons renewed via e-learning and on-site courses delivered all over the world.

The next course is scheduled to take place in Mexico in August 2018, built around preparations for the UIPM Pentathlon World Championships in September 2018.

Visit the UIPM educational platform to find a range of resources for athletes, coaches and judges including the JCP courses calendar.

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