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UIPM Equipment Commission meets for first time 


UIPM's newly-created Equipment Commission met for the first time in Frankfurt (GER) in November 2017.

The commission was created to ensure UIPM, its member federations and its athletes have access to the latest cutting-edge sports equipment - complying with all the prescribed international rules and regulations.

Under the guidance of double Olympic champion Janos Martinek (HUN), the Commission discussed the current equipment situation and regulations, focusing on quality, safety, fairness, performance, reliability and practicability. In addition, new possibilities, technologies and improvements were evaluated.

The commission members used their expertise to undergo detailed analysis and make recommendations for Fencing and Laser-Run equipment used in Modern Pentathlon.

In Fencing, heightened safety regulations and homologation of scoring apparatus and evaluation of wireless fencing were discussed.

In Laser-Run, current homologation standards for laser equipment, future improvements and tests, as well as interfacing or embedding of third-party systems were discussed.

To use modern technologies for the benefit of the competitors and the sport itself is critical to the commission’s work.

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