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UIPM Judges Certification Programme: Three levels of judges secure upgrade in Tbilisi (GEO)


Pentathlon judges all around the world are continuing to develop their credentials with the help of the UIPM Judges Certification Programme.

A group of 33 judges kicked off 2019 by becoming certified at Levels 1, 2 and 3 after a week-long course in Tbilisi (GEO) overseen by the 1976 Olympic champion, Janusz Peciak (POL).

The course took place from January 22-26 at the Olympic Sports Festival Centre in the capital of Georgia and the syllabus was conducted in two languages (English and Russian).

Experienced instructor Peciak, who is also Chair of the UIPM Technical Committee and UIPM Executive Board Member for Sport, said: “We accomplished a lot. We had many younger students who were very active and passionate.

“All sessions were held at the Olympic Sports Festival Centre and it was the perfect venue, enabling us to run educational theory and practical classes in the same place.

“The seminar lasted five days and we had 33 students trying to become Level 1, 2 and 3 judges and sitting tests. Every evening we had the chance to talk about the future of pentathlon and ideas, training and development and the positive impact pentathlon has had on our lives.”

Viacheslav Malishev, UIPM Executive Board Member for Development and President of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Georgia, added: “The seminar was a great success and Janusz did wonderful work in Tbilisi. I am grateful to him and to UIPM. We had a good attendance and Janusz made people very active and the information was presented in a great way.

“Judges are now ready and well prepared to oversee the upcoming European Cup competition later this year in Georgia.”

Visit the UIPM educational platform to find a range of resources for athletes, coaches and judges including the JCP courses calendar.

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