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Coaches certified in Moldova thanks to IOC Olympic Solidarity fund


Ten female and eight male coaches earned their UIPM Level 1 Coaches Certificates in the first UIPM educational initiative to take place in the Republic of Moldova.

The course took place in the capital city of Chisinau from April 30 to May 4 and was run by four-time Olympic pentathlete Deniss Cerkovskis (LAT), a member of the UIPM Instructors Group.

The syllabus covered theoretical and practical coaching activities and allowed participants to exchange and reflect on their experiences before sitting written and oral examinations.

At the end of the course, sponsored by the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity scheme, the newly-qualified coaches were awarded Level 1 certificates and pins.

Christina Vasilianov, Secretary General of the Moldova Olympic Committee and the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Moldova, said: “The course was held in a professional and enthusiastic environment.

“The participants appreciated the efficiency of the course and its value in the context of their further professional development.”

Since 2018, all entrants in UIPM Coaching Certification Programme courses must be certified on the Coach True e-learning module, a computer-based learning tool created by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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