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Russia and Uzbekistan federations sign memorandum


Bakhromjon Gaviez, the new President of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Uzbekistan, travelled to Moscow (RUS) on February 15 to sign a memorandum of friendship and cooperation with Viacheslav Aminov, President of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia and UIPM Vice-President for Business Affairs.

The meeting, attended by European Confederation of Modern Pentathlon President Dmitry Svatkovsky and Secretary General Tatiana Ardabieva, took place at the headquarters of the Russian Olympic Committee.

President Aminov was reported as saying: “We are delighted to welcome Uzbekistan as a new member of our pentathlon family. I think that pentathlon in Uzbekistan has good prospects. Russia is always ready to help, both with advice and deed, for example, coaching and sports personnel.”


President Gaziev added: “Russia is one of the leading countries in modern pentathlon in the world. In Uzbekistan, we are just starting to develop this sport. It is important that the pentathlon consists of five Olympic sports - swimming, fencing, jumping, running and shooting. Therefore, by developing the pentathlon, we will thereby develop other Olympic disciplines.

“The Federation of Uzbekistan plans to send our athletes and judges to competitions and seminars that take place in the Russian Federation. And over time, and we will invite Russian pentathletes to Uzbekistan.

“I believe that cooperation between the Russian and Uzbek federations of Modern Pentathlon will be long and mutually beneficial.”

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