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UIPM 2016 Coaches Conference: Keynote Speakers

Modern Pentathlon

The 2016 UIPM World Coaches Conference will be hosted by Pentathlon GB at the Manchester Conference Centre over the weekend 11 – 13 November 2016. Deadline for registration is October 14th.

The conference is a unique event where coaches, practitioners and managers from all corners of the modern pentathlon community from around the world meet to develop their knowledge and share their experiences of the sport.

This year the Keynote Speakers list has again risen the bar to a new level and we are anticipating an inspirational weekend. The list of speakers includes:

Dominic Mahony GBR Olympic Team Manager - Conference Lead
Jan Bartu Pentathlon GB Performance Director
Alexandre França Brazilian Head Coach
Anna Fisher EIS
Kim Raisner German Head Coach
Dr Peter Watt Brighton University
Dr Adrien Sedeaud Institut National du Sport et de la Performance (INSEP) FRA
Richard Major Pentathlon GB Development Officer
Dr Gabor Solomon Hungarian Olympic and World Medal winning Epee Coach
Jenny Meadows GBR 800m Athlete
Trevor Painter           GBR Athletics Coach and husband of Jenny Meadows
Jeremy Johnson Managing Director Ecoaims
Jiri Chamrad Managing Director Pentashot
Klaus Kremer Managing Director IQ
Steven Mason Pentathlon GB Pathway Coach
Russell North Pentathlon GB Pathway Coach
Stuart Mason Pentathlon GB Pathway Manager

Purpose of the Conference

  • Building a ‘community of practise’ for the modern pentathlon coaching community from Foundation level to Elite level
  • Explore relevant or ‘hot topics’ specific to performance and provide an inspirational learning experience
  • Provide a coaches networking opportunity across modern pentathlon

Delegates wishing to register should do so as soon as possible as there are limited rooms still available. Register on the UIPM Website 

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