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UIPM 2017 Congress: President Schormann plants oak tree in Tbilisi (GEO)


The UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann, has planted an oak tree in Tbilisi (GEO) during a symbolic ceremony ahead of the 2017 UIPM Congress (November 24-26).

Oak trees have been planted in all corners of the world by UIPM since the 50th anniversary of the Union in 1998. The origin of the tradition goes back to 1912 when an entire forest was planted surrounding the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm (SWE), where Modern Pentathlon was inaugurated as an Olympic sport thanks to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympic Games and Modern Pentathlon.

President Dr Schormann described the gesture as “a message symbolising the special environment that we are able to create through pentathlon”.

“This is the fifth time I have been in Georgia since 1980 and the Union is very happy that we are able to bring the 2017 Congress here,” he added.

“I am very impressed today by the new facility that has been developed and established by the Sport Department, the National Ministry and the National Olympic Committee and linked to the European Youth Olympic Festival. For our sport, for pentathlon, I think we have a pillar here which we can develop more.”

Today’s ceremony at Olympic Park, Dighomi was attended by local dignitaries including Shalva Gogoladze (Deputy Minister, Sport and Youth Affairs), Leri Khabelovi (President, Georgian National Olympic Committee), Dr Viacheslav Malishev (President, Georgia Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon National Federation and UIPM Executive Board Member for Development) and Malkhaz Shushiashvili (President, Tbilisi Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon Federation).

Accompanying the UIPM President were Joel Bouzou (Vice-President) and Martin Dawe (Executive Board Member for Marketing), ahead of the UIPM Executive Board Meeting that will take place on November 23.

Leri Khabelovi said: “I’m glad that such an important event as the UIPM Congress will be held in Georgia. Oak-tree planting is an old tradition for the Modern Pentathlon, which is a symbol of a life and strength and represents the future and history of the Federation.”

President Dr Schormann added: “The oak tree is a symbol of our sport and building up deep roots, standing firm in the face of storms. It shows energy and long life and we have established our movement here in Georgia in recent years.

“Viacheslav Malishev and his team have done an excellent job with preparations and we are looking forward to a very successful Executive Board Meeting and Congress.

“We are happy to be here and we will see what we can achieve together in our discussions in the coming days.”

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