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UIPM 2017 World Cup Final: All roads lead to Vilnius

Modern Pentathlon

The road to Tokyo has been laid, and the journey is about to begin.

After an incredibly busy 2016, the world’s leading modern pentathletes have resumed their unforgiving training regimes and now stand on the brink of a return to competitive action in the UIPM 2017 World Cup Series.

This year, all roads lead to the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and the UIPM 2017 World Cup Final on June 22-25 promises to reach a bigger audience than ever before.

That’s because a new agreement has been reached between UIPM and Eurosport - and the 2017 World Cup Final is the first event that will be broadcast live right across Europe by the continental TV network.

The main venue in Vilnius, where UIPM conducted a site visit last week, will be Vingis Park Stadium, where singers such as Lady Gaga and Elton John have played concerts. The swimming will take place in the historic Lazdynia pool.

Vingis Park is a thriving location for recreational visitors in summer and local organisers are predicting large crowds to attend the World Cup Final, which is likely to feature top Lithuanian athletes such as 2012 Olympic champion Laura Asadauskaite and her fellow 2016 Olympians, Ieva Serapinaite and Justinas Kinderis.

Eurosport’s live coverage will feature the Laser-Run event that closes each of the three finals: Women’s Individual (June 23), Men’s Individual (June 24) and Mixed Relay (June 25).

So with Vilnius in the back of their minds, the top men and women in UIPM’s historic Olympic sport are almost ready to return to our cities, our resorts and our screens … starting with World Cup #1 in Los Angeles (USA) on February 23-27.

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