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02.11.2018, Lausanne, SUI

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann took part in an official IOC celebration in memory of the IOC Member, FIBA Secretary General and GAISF President, Patrick Baumann, in the Cathedral of Lausanne. Mr Baumann died suddenly during the 3rd Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (ARG) in October.

06.11.2018, Nicosia, CYP

The UIPM President met with Constantinos Michaelides, President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC), to discuss the close partnership between UIPM, the Cyprus Modern Pentathlon & Biathlon Federation (CMPBF) and the Hellenic Olympic Committee. CMPBF President General Charalambos Lottas, who is also the Secretary General of the COC, joined the meetings and together they gave a press conference where they presented interesting aspects of the UIPM Congress and the 70th UIPM anniversary celebration in Limassol.

07.11.-12.11.2018, Limassol, CYP

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann chaired the UIPM Executive Board Meeting on November 7/8 and the 70th UIPM Congress on November 9-11. See main section of Newsletter for details.

President Schormann opened the 70th anniversary gala dinner with a speech about the history of Modern Pentathlon from 708 BC until the present time. President Schormann received various awards during the ceremony that followed. He was honoured by the Union with the 70th Anniversary Special Achievement Award and inducted as a new member in the UIPM Hall of Fame.


13.11.2018, Berlin, GER

President Dr Schormann met with the Interior Minister of the German Government, Horst Seehofer, who awarded him with the German Federal Cross of Merit (First Class) for his exceptional engagement and commitment to sport, culture and society on a national and international level.

15.11.2018, Munich, GER

The UIPM President took part in a meeting with German Sport A, the TV agency for ARD and ZDF in Munich, in the capacity as TV32 council member that he has held since 1982. They discussed a TV partnership lasting until 2024.


25.11.-29.11.2018, Tokyo, JPN

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann and Secretary General Shiny Fang met on November 26/27 with the Modern Pentathlon Department of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, to discuss important points linked to the Pentathlon World Cup Final and Olympic Games Test Event that will take place in June 2019 in Tokyo, and details linked to preparations for the Olympic Summer Games 2020.

During a meeting with the Japan Racing Association (JRA) on November 27 they discussed mainly preparations for the Riding discipline, where JRA will be the partner.  

From November 27-29, the UIPM President and Secretary General took part in the General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees, where both met with NOC Presidents and Secretary Generals to brief them about UIPM activities in their countries in the coming years.

With the NOC President of China, Mr Zhongwen Gou, who is also the Minister for Sport of China, they fixed Beijing as the host city for the 71st UIPM Congress in 2020, which will be an electoral Congress.

During the ANOC General Assembly Dr Schormann and Mrs Fang discussed various partnerships between UIPM and NOCs where pentathlon federations are established, and they spoke with some NOC Presidents who offered to create a new pentathlon federation with a view to growing UIPM’s global membership.


30.11.-01.12.2018, Düsseldorf, GER

The UIPM President took part as an Executive Board Member of the German Olympic Academy in its General Assembly on November 30. He reported on the activities of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage and the successful Youth Olympic Summer Games in Buenos Aires 2018.

As honoured guest and in his capacity as Honorary President of the German Modern Pentathlon Federation, Dr Schormann followed the General Assembly of the German Olympic Sport Confederation (DOSB) on December 1.


04.12.-06.12.2018, Geneva, SUI

President Dr Schormann presented a speech at the International Sports Convention on December 5 under the theme “Entertainment through Sport”, using Modern Pentathlon and other UIPM Sports such as Laser Run (Urban Games), Triathle (Beach Games) and Biathle. The presentation underlined how bridges can be built to tourism projects through Modern Pentathlon and its five disciplines.


09.12.2018, Paris, FRA

President Dr Schormann represented UIPM at the 105th anniversary gala of the International Fencing Federation (FIE), celebrating fencing and its future as a sport, as an art and as a lifestyle.

During the gala UIPM President met with Gary Lu, CEO of Absolute Fencing Gear, to discuss their ongoing partnership with UIPM linked to the Olympic qualification competitions in 2019 and 2020 and especially the UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Cup Final (Olympic Games test event) and the 2020 Olympic Summer Games, both in Tokyo (JPN).

President Dr Schormann spoke during the ceremony with FIE President Alisher Usmanov and expressed his respect and congratulations for the excellent movement of the fencing society. 


17.12.-18.12.2018, Sofia, BUL

The UIPM President and Bulgaria Modern Pentathlon Federation President Andrey Kuzmanov met on December 17 with the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, and Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov to discuss the Pentathlon World Cup partnership covering 2019 and 2020. They also spoke about the possibility of organizing Laser Run competitions in the centre of Sofia linked to urban competitions.

On December 18, UIPM President Schormann and BMPF President Kuzmanov briefed the Minister for Youth and Sport, Krasen Kralev, about the 2019/2020 Pentathlon World Cups in Sofia, the Youth World Championships U17 & U19 in 2019 and the excellent development of Modern Pentathlon in Bulgaria. They also spoke about the future Balkan Modern Pentathlon Championships. Dr Schormann underlined the important role Bulgaria is playing in the UIPM movement.

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