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The European Confederation of Modern Pentathlon (ECMP) was founded on 19 April 1991. We are the association of all European National Federations for Modern Pentathlon.

Our guiding principles are Olympism, fairness and honesty, of equality and reciprocal respect between all affiliated National Federations and towards any individual, rejecting racial, religious and political discrimination.

Our main aims are:

  1. To promote, encourage and support the practice of Modern Pentathlon or other combination of two or more disciplines of this sport in Europe;
  2. To supervise the organisation and conduct of European Championships;
  3. To launch and promote the organisation or organise other events;
  4. To promote competition activities in Modern Pentathlon within all European countries;
  5. To organise courses and lectures for coaches, technicians and referees, promoting exchanges among Member countries.

We run the ECMP through the General Assembly and the Executive Board. Our Executive Board is composed of the President, two Vice Presidents plus four Members, all from different European nations. Its main tasks are set out in our Statutes and are essentially:

  1. Meeting at least once a year to examine important or urgent questions;
  2. Carrying out the decisions taken by the General Assembly;
  3. Keeping Member Federations informed on major items; and
  4. Deciding on bids for and about the organisation of the European Championships.

ECMP has currently 40 European member federations.