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Multisport Games

UIPM wishes to be part of more and more multisport games in order to answer to several needs:

  1. the need for National Federations to compete in the competitions with the highest standards
  2. the need for developing National Federations to be able to compete at International level in Modern Pentathlon or in any of its subsports

The specifity of Modern Pentathlon to have 5 disciplines can bring several solutions that will make possible the integration of this Olympic Sport in many multisport games all around the world, wherever you are in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe or Oceania, wherever if the competition will happen in urban area, beach area, mountain area.

In 2023, UIPM will be part of the European Games in Poland, Central American and Caribbean Games in Dominican Republic, Pan American Games in Chile, Asian Games in China and Mediterranean Beach Games in Greece.

2021 was the 1st edition of the Junior Pan American Games and were awarded to Colombia with Cali & Valle del Cauca.

Andres TORRES from Ecuador won the Men's event while Catherine Mayran OLIVER from Mexico won the Women's event.

The XVIII Pan American Games were awarded to Lima, Peru.

In the Men's event, Charles FERNANDEZ from Guatemala managed to win a 2nd consecutive gold medal after 2015 in Toronto. Mariana ARCEO from Mexico won the Women's event. In the Relay events, Mexico won the Men Relay, USA the Women Relay & Mixed Relay as well.

UIPM managed to get Laser Run included in the 1st edition of the World Urban Games that happened in Budapest, Hungary.

To fit the dynamic and youth-oriented event, UIPM proposed a different format of the Laser Run with shorter distances.

Ahmed ELGENDY from Egypt managed to win the 3 Men races. In the Women's event, Anastasiya PROKOPENKO from Belarus claimed 2 victories when the local athlete Blanka GUZI from Hungary won the last race. 

China hosted the 7th CISM Military World Games in the city of Wuhan.

In the Men's event, the Russian athlete Alexander LIFANOV won the gold medal while Oktawia NOWACKA from Poland claimed a 2nd gold medal in a row. Mixed Relay was win by the pair coming from Egypt.

UIPM feartured for the 1st time in the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in its 30th edition in Philippines.

Triathle & Laser Run were the two sports selected to be part of the official competition programme and happened in Subic on the Subic Bay Boardwalk beach.

In the Triathle event, Dea PUTRI from Indonesia won the Women's event when Micheal COMALING from Pilippines won the Men's event. Indonesia won the Mixed Relay with Dea PUTRI claiming her 2nd gold medal.

In the Laser Run event, Dea PUTRI added one more gold medal winning the Women's event while Muhammad TAUFIK BIN MUNIR also from Indonesia won the Men's event. Mixed Relay was won by the local athletes from Philippines.

Colombia hosted the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla but Modern Pentathlon was accommodated at the Club Campestre de Cali.

In the Men's event, Charles FERNANDEZ from Guatemala won the competition while Mayan OLIVER from Mexico claimed the gold medal in the Women's event. In the relays, Cuba won the Men Relay, Mexico the Women Relay and Guatemala won the Mixed Relay during the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.


Indonesia hosted the 18th Asian Games in the cities of Jakarta & Palembang.

The Korean athlete Woongtae JUN has shown a great form winning the Men competition and Chinese athlete Mingyu ZHANG won the Women competition in the Banten Province at the APM Equestrian Center during the 18th Asian Games.

Korea hosted the 6th CISM World Military Games in the city of Mungyeong.

The local athlete Dong-Soo PARK won the Men competition and Polish Oktawia NOWACKA won the Women competition in Mungyeong for the 6th edition of the CISM World Military Games.

The 2015 PanAm Games happened in Toronto, Canada and were the Rio 2016 Olympic Qualification competition for the North, Central and South American area.

In the Women competition, Yane MARQUES won the gold medal while the Guatemalan Charles FERNANDEZ won the gold medal in the Men event of the 2015 PanAm Games.

It was the 1st integration of Modern Pentathlon in the program of the Asian Beach Games with its subsport Beach Triathle.

UIPM Beach Triathle competition happened on 20-21 November 2014 in Phuket, THAILAND and gathered 32 athletes from 11 countries.

Gold medal in the Men competition was won by the Korean athlete Jun WOONG-TAE while the Chinese athlete Huo QI won the Women competition. They are the 1st Modern Pentathlon gold medallists in the 2014 Asian Beach Games.

Modern Pentathlon was in the program of the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, KOREA.

In front of stands full of people, 22 Men from 6 countries competed in the Men competition and there were 21 Women from  6 countries in the Women competition.

The Chinese Jianli GUO and Chen QIAN are the winners of the Modern Pentathlon competition in the Asian Games.

Modern Pentathlon had a great success in Xalapa, MEXICO for the 22nd Central and Caribbean Games.

29 athletes coming from 7 American countries competed to see Ismael HERNANDEZ from Mexico in the Men event and Leidis MOYA from Cuba in the Women event win the gold medal in the 2014 Central and Caribbean Games.

Santiago, capital of Chile, hosted the 10th edition of the ODESUR South American Games in 2014.

The Brazilian athletes Felipe NASCIMENTO in the Men competition and Yane MARQUES in the Women competition won the gold medals in the ODESUR South American Games.

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