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#LaserHomeRun information page

Welcome to the UIPM #LaserHomeRun information page!

#LaserHomeRun is a new concept that enables participants of all ages to add focus to their home training regimes, keep their skills sharp and enjoy the thrill of online competition.

Laser Run is UIPM’s fastest-growing development sport and the easiest to organise – a point that the governing body hopes to underline by exploring the popularity of a mass-participation virtual gathering.

The format of #LaserHomeRun is simple – in each round entrants must complete a series of exercises before hitting five targets with a laser pistol in the fastest possible time. UIPM Technical Officials will be appointed to make sure entries are valid.

There will be female and male categories across six age groups – from Under 11 to Masters 60+. Qualification rounds featuring up to 15 competitors will take place on May 4-5 and the finals will follow on May 7 – streamed live on UIPM TV.

Don't forget to register for free on the UIPM TV before the final day to be able to watch!

Exercises in practice

Participants will be divided into 6 age groups:

Age group Repetitions Physical activity Shooting distance
Under 11 3 times 20 jumping jacks 3 metres both hands
Under 15 4 times 20 jumping jacks 5 metres
Under 19 4 times 20 jumping squats 5 metres
Junior/Senior 4 times 20 jumping squats 5 metres
Masters 40+ 4 times 20 high-knees 5 metres
Masters 60+ 3 times 20 high-knees 5 metres

Watch 3 top elite pentathletes present the different series of exercises that #LaserHomeRun participants will have to complete before hitting five targets with their laser pistol:

Annika Schleu (GER) shows the Jumping Jack exercise which will be completed by age groups U9-U11 and U13-U15.

Gulnaz Gubaydullina (RUS) presents the Jumping Squat exercise to be completed by U17-U19 and Junior-Senior age groups.

Ahmed Elgendy (EGY) shows how to perform the High Knee exercise to be completed by M40+/M50+ and M60+/M70+ age groups.



Finals results (click on the picture below)

Category Qualification results
U11 Female  Male
U15 Female  Male
U19 Female  Male

Masters 60+

Masters 40+ Female  Male
Juniors/Seniors Female  Male

If you have a question, please send us an email at laserhomerun[at]

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