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The strategic objective of the Oceania Modern Pentathlon Confederation is to increase the reach of the UIPM within the Oceania region and to promote and organise events within the UIPM suite of sports, with a focus on development activities.

There are currently two active federations in the small Oceania region. By virtue of the geography and population of this region, and the very limited infrastructure and facilities available in the majority of the Oceania NOCs, there is minimal scope for development of Modern Pentathlon however the region is actively pursuing new Federations to participate in Laser Run and World Schools Biathle.

The two active MP Federations are Australia and New Zealand have been joined recently by Cook Islands. Although it is a very small sport in Australia, this Federation is very proud to have the former female Olympic Champion Chloe Esposito amongst its members. Chloe’s brother Max Esposito finished 7th in the men’s event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Their father and coach Daniel competed for Australia in Modern Pentathlon in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, making it a very talented family!. Over the last few years the growth of the sport amongst young athletes has grown considerably and Australia now has a large and enthusiastic Youth Development Squad training hard for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. This Squad is under the guidance of 2004 Australian MP Olympian Eszter Hortobagyi and her husband and coach Adam Temesi.

The New Zealand Federation has recently been reinvigorated under the committed eye of new President Kaewruethai Collings and her husband Andrew. During 2019 they have trebled the number of members and in 2018 and again in 2019 they staged a full MP competition, the first such event to be held in NZ for well over a decade. Many Australian athletes travelled to NZ to compete in this event and we also had a good turnout of New Zealanders at the 2019 Australian Championships.

The two active Oceania member Federations are working closely together to ensure mutual growth and development and accompany Cook Islands in its activity beginning.