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UIPM Biathle

What is UIPM Biathle?

UIPM Biathle is a development sport of Modern Pentathlon invented to create opportunities to train Running and Swimming parts of Pentathlon in real race conditions.

It can also be seen as a sport in its own right. 

Biathle is an event that involves the following sequence Run-Swim-Run. It is a world class sport but not an Olympic one. The events are continuous. The running segments go from 200m to 1600m and the swimming ones are between 50 and 200m long.

UIPM Biathle events, like UIPM Triathle events, can be organized at all kind of sceneries: ocean, sea, lake or river and can be run on all surfaces: sand, asphalt, concrete, pavement, etc ...

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UIPM 2018 Biathle & Triathle Competition rules

Biathle & Triathle Competition rules