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UIPM Headquarters and Staff Team



The Headquarters of UIPM, managed by Secretary-General Mrs. Shiny Fang, is located in the Principality of Monaco. The office has been in Monaco since 1998. Prior to this, the office was located in Denmark and Sweden.

The UIPM team consists of a group of professionals based at Headquarters and in other parts of the world working together to carry out the daily functions of UIPM.




Shiny Fang 

Secretary General

Shiny Fang, former athlete of Synchronizing swimming and Gymnastics Aerobics, head coach, international judge, professor of Sun Yat-Sen University (1999-2006), and chief instructor for a series of educational programs. She has been involved in the sports industry and international relations since 2004, and part-time responsible for UIPM International Affairs since 2008. As Vice Competition Manager for the 2008 Olympic Games (2007-2008), and Competition Manager for 2010 Asian Games (2009-2010), she has been awarded as “Excellence of the Year”, “Organizing Proficient” and “Young Expert of Administration”. As the elected Vice President of the International Cheer Union (2010-2014-2018), Shiny Fang was also the supervisor of Sports Presentation in different multi-sport Games. She is currently the ASOIF Sports Development and Education Consultative Group Member.

Alexandre França 

Events Operations Director

Alexandre França has been coaching Brazil's Modern Pentathlon Team in three editions of the Olympic Games. He has degrees in Military Sciences and Physical Education, with a Master's in Military Operations as well as a Ph. D. in Biochemistry of Exercise. Other than his experience in Modern Pentathlon he has been in Army for more than 20 years as a logistics expert and chief financial officer. After concluding IOC Advanced Sports Management Course, he has also worked closely with Brazil Olympic Committee in project management and consulting. As the UIPM Events Operations Director Alex is responsible to run projects which support governance, competitions, development, and educational areas.

Tamás Varga 

Senior Competitions Manager

Tamás Varga is a former pentathlete, and a UIPM International Judge in UIPM major competitions and Olympic Games since 1996, being also a member of the UIPM Business Affairs Committee between 2008 and 2012. He has a diploma in Sport Management from Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest and a large work experience in sports events worldwide. Other than performing as Competition Director in several Modern Pentathlon events, Tamás successfully managed and directed LOC  accommodation and logistics areas in events such as Fencing and Canoe World Championships, as well as the 2015 Baku European Games.

As UIPM Competition Manager, he is responsible for all UIPM  competitions and calendar, also acting as a coordinator of the Technical Committee and Equipment Commission.

Cristóbal Rodríguez 

Events Operations Officer

Cristóbal Rodríguez has been linked to Pentathlon since very young, being athlete of the Spanish national team and competing in many editions of the UIPM major competitions. He has a degree in Architecture, and two master's degrees in “Sports High Performance" by the Murcia University and the Spanish Olympic Committee and "Sports Management" by the TECH University. After concluding his studies, he has closely collaborated with the Spanish Modern Pentathlon Federation on event management, competition rules and coaches’ education.

Radka Zapletalova

Medical & Anti-Doping Manager

Para Project Manager

Radka’s duties for UIPM are for matters relating to the UIPM Anti-Doping programme. Based in Czech Republic, she is the liaison for the athletes in the UIPM Registered Testing Pool, administrator for the ADAMs (The Anti-Doping Administration & Management System developed by WADA) including results, reports, data and mission management, and ensures the Anti-Doping Education section of the UIPM website has available all the information necessary for education in the prevention of doping, management of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) and links to the latest news, information, and documentation relating to WADA. Radka also takes care of the Para-Pentathlon project which consists of ensuring that the UIPM abides by the IPC Rules and Regulations as well as developing and promoting the practice of UIPM para-sports from grassroots to the competition.

Tamer Samy

Senior Technology Manager

Based in Egypt, Tamer is responsible for the Information and Technology of UIPM. He is also responsible for the Competition Management System, UIPM Results System, UIPM Event Organization System, part of targets on-site service, athletes database, and World Rankings.

Maxime Papillon

Development Director

Maxime is responsible for all UIPM development programs such as the World School Biathlon, Biathle, Triathle, and Tetrathlon. He leads on the creation of the practice manuals used by actual and new NFs, Confederations and Local Organisers. He is also taking care of Coaches certificates project and UIPM Instructor Groups regarding UIPM development strategies.

Anfisa Kasyanova

Education & Projects Manager

As UIPM Development Assistant Anfisa is in charge of UIPM Global Laser Run City Tour and Biathle/Triathle National Tour, communicating with organizers and assisting them in all aspects of preparations and staging tours. Besides development competitions, Anfisa contributes to UIPM promotional projects. Now based in Greece, Anfisa is a former pentathlete competing for the national team of Belarus. She has a Master's degree in “Olympic education, organization and management of Olympic events” at the International Olympic Academy and has a range of sports management experience from working at the National Federations of Belarus and Georgia as well as the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Alexandra Sumina

Service Manager

Alexandra performs duties as a Service Manager, coordinating the execution of the online UIPM courses for judges, maintaining and developing the UIPM Educational Platform, collecting the data of UIPM certified coaches and judges. Besides assistant’s tasks, she manages the UIPM official page in Russian social media “VK”, promoting the UIPM events and the Modern Pentathlon community. Gained a Masters in Sports Business Management from the International University of Monaco and experienced working for sport events in Russia and Monaco, Alexandra is assisting the organization of UIPM events and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Jonathan Coates

Communications Director

Based in Scotland, "Jon" is a communications professional who previously spent 17 years working as a sports journalist in the UK, Australia, and Ireland. He works in a consultancy capacity for UIPM covering all areas of print and digital content and advising on public relations and media management.

Florent Boas

TV & Media Operations Manager

Florent is the central representative for all media-related operations from strategic conception to reporting. Onsite, he coordinates all media/press operations and stakeholders and makes sure that the UIPM visual guidelines are respected and consistent throughout events. Florent takes part in the preparation of all publications and constantly strives to improve the media and digital ecosystem of the UIPM. Florent holds an MSc. in Sports Business Management from the International University of Monaco. Before joining the UIPM, he has gained experience working for major international sports organizations and events in Monaco and abroad.

Alexandre Mauran

Marketing & Branding Manager 

Alexandre oversees all UIPM marketing and branding aspects having gained a Masters in Sport Management and work experience in the sports industry. Based in France and working as a consultant, he is in charge of developing and executing marketing strategies and tactics for each UIPM sport designed to reach internal and external stakeholders. On the events side, he is responsible for UIPM visual guidelines and marketing guidelines and the preparation of competition branding.

Roxane Hager

Digital & Promotion Manager

Roxane is the "youngster" in UIPM Headquarters being our Digital & Promotion Manager. She is in charge of daily operations for our social media platforms and strives to bring new creative content to our community and fans. Graduate from an International Relations school in Lyon (France) with a broad spectrum of studies and a background focused on outdoor sports mass events, she’s a versatile person with a set target to observe, interact, and learn.

Yaw Amponsah Debrah 

Commercialisation & Promotion Manager

Yaw is the current Commercial, Promotion and E- Sport Lead at the UIPM. He drives and manages the organization’s commercial and promotional performance. Yaw also doubles as the organizations E- Sport Manager. Yaw brings on board high-level experience with proven success in growing, developing and leading businesses in diverse sectors including sports. He has worked extensively in Africa and Europe, including several marketing agencies, where he developed stellar strategies, campaigns and then led their implementation. Yaw holds an MSc. in International Marketing from the International University of Monaco and is a Ghanaian National.

Valérie Russo 

Finance & HR Director

Valérie is in charge of the UIPM Headquarters Administration, Finances and Human Resources. She is managing the Finances from budgeting to accounting for all UIPM activities. She also acts as the primary contact for National Federations, Committees and other international sports organizations as well as for local government authorities and partners in Monaco. Valérie has been an athlete in windsurfing before completing her studies at the University of Paris XI with a diploma in “Business & Administrations Management”. Subsequently, she worked in the marine industry and for other sports organizations before joining the UIPM.

Coralie Kreidel

Senior General Logistics & Hospitality Manager

As Senior General Logistics & Hospitality Manager, Coralie performs duties during the whole event time including the preparation and the post-event, for the best delivery possible of the competitions, congresses, and meetings. She is coordinating and budgeting all the organisation of the travel, accommodation, transportation, and hospitality on-site for all UIPM Family. Liaising with the Local Organising Committees, Coralie also provides protocol guidance and organises specific celebrations for special guests during the events. During the Olympic Games, Coralie is the focal point of contact for all the IF Services. She is also managing the UIPM online shop and works at the office to ensure the headquarters function in an orderly manner, also assisting all departments in their specific needs. 

Coralie joined the UIPM after her Master 1 in Marketing in 2008 and worked with us until 2011. After some experience in other sports organisations she came back to the UIPM family in 2015. She also successfully graduated from the Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management (MEMOS) in 2022 and was one of the three finalists for the prize Madella awarding the best MEMOS project of the class.

Sofiya Popova

Office Administration Manager

Born in Bulgaria and based in France for 15 years, Sofiya has a large experience in the hospitality and event industry in Monaco. Sofiya’s role is to ensure the HQ function in an orderly manner, also assisting all departments in their specific needs. Her expertise in coordinating the executions of contracts and projects is essential to the smooth running of the office routine.

Leki Lai

Executive Assistant to the Secretary General

Leki assists the administration works inside the UIPM and is the assistant of UIPM Secretary-General. Based in the USA, she is also working on international events registrations, accreditation, travel chart, accommodation and transportation arrangement, and assists the UIPM Headquarters colleagues for any particular work internally.



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