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Executive Board Meetings

Below you can download the files with the summaries of the last UIPM Executive Board Meetings Minutes:

UIPM 2016 1st EB Meeting - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

UIPM 2016 2nd EB Meeting - Frankfurt, Germany  

UIPM 2017 1st EB Meeting - Lausanne, Switzerland

UIPM 2017 2nd EB Meeting - Tbilisi, Georgia

UIPM 2018 EB Meeting - Limassol, Cyprus

UIPM 2019 EB Meeting - Budapest, Hungary

UIPM 2020 EB Meeting - Lausanne, Switzerland

The next UIPM Executive Board Meeting in 2020 will be held in:

  • Xiamen (CHN) on November 12-13.

Upcoming events