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Ambassador Kyra Seow (SGP) receives Virtual Youth Festival award


An 11-year-old athlete who contributed to the success of the first-ever Virtual Youth Festival has been rewarded with a special medal.

Kyra Seow of Singapore received a letter in February 2021 from the President and CEO of United Through Sports (UTS), telling her that she had won an Ambassador Award in recognition of her “truly outstanding” video.

With preparations already under way for the 2021 VYF, we caught up with Kyra to find out how she felt about the honour.


Q: How do you feel about winning the Ambassador Award?

A: Honestly, I am very surprised to receive the award. I just wanted to do my bit to support UTS VYF and convey the message of resilience, unity and diversity while feeling like I was a participant at the same time.

Of course, I am also ecstatic and deeply honoured. I am glad UTS found what I did meaningful and aligned to their goals.

I have to thank my parents, UIPM, SIMPA (Singapore Modern Pentathlon Association), and UTS for the opportunity and support.

I would also like to thank the athletes and organisers for making the event possible and a success. I want to thank all the online supporters and people who liked and followed my posts too!


Q: How did you enjoy the experience of VYF?

A: It was truly a unique experience and privilege for me to be an ambassador. Through my role, I learnt so much more about the various sports and the athletes.

It gave me such excitement to promote the events and athletes and cheer them on virtually thousands of miles away. The various online workshops I attended also provided me with greater insights into the sports and organisations.

The appointment also spurred me to raise my ICT skills to further familiarise myself with social media.


Q: What do you see as your future goals in UIPM Sports?

A: I hope to be able to continue to be an ambassador for UIPM and SIMPA in my own way, even if it is in an unofficial capacity, by being a role model.

I want to promote UIPM Sports on social media and through my participation. If I can receive sufficient support and funding, I would love to represent Singapore at UIPM Sports on the world stage and perhaps represent UIPM at cross / multi-sport events like the UTS VYF.

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