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Argentina hold first Biathle/ Triathle World Tour of the year


The competition, organized by the Federation of Modern Pentathlon in Argentina under the auspices of the Directorate of Sports of the Municipality of Chascomus and held on Lake Chascomus, 123km south of the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, brought together both experienced athletes and exciting new talent as Triathle was added to this leg of the World Tour for the very first time.

Perfect conditions, with temperatures recorded at 28C, and not a single cloud in the sky, made for a compelling day of both biathle (run-swim-run) and triathle (shoot-swim-run).

In the Men’s senior Biathle competition, it came as no surprise to see 26-year-old Juan Dominguez as the dominant force with his time of 11:28.02 over the 1500m run – 200m – 1500m run course seeing him take the title ahead of compatriot Juan Di Paolo.

Junior gold went to teenager Leandro Corradini. Corradini, 18, then did the double after winning the continuous triathle that consisted of four series of shooting, 100m swim and 800m run.

The loudest cheer was reserved for the Biathle Youth C Girls competition as 13-year-old Josefina Bernatene triumphed, setting a time of 5:0105 over the 500m run – 100m swim – 500m run distance.


The next Biathle Triathle World Tour takes now takes place in 7-8 June in Tirennia, Italy.

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