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Clinic sets coaches in Senegal on road to Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games


The first Olympic Games to take place in Africa is expected to create of surge of interest in sport across the continent – and the UIPM Sports community will be ready to seize the moment.

Following the International Olympic Committee’s historic decision to award the 2022 Youth Olympic Games to Dakar in Senegal, UIPM has already come up with a new format for the competition and now plans are being developed on the ground.

UIPM staged a coaching clinic in the YOG host city from August 24-30 for 12 aspiring coaches. This followed the Level 1 UIPM Coaching Certification Programme course that took place in 2018, and it was an entirely practical course.

The UIPM Instructor was Simon Casse (FRA), who oversaw training sessions across Laser Run, Swimming and Fencing at Dakar Stadium and on nearby beaches.

The New Tetrathlon concept proposed for introduction at Dakar 2022 was approved by the UIPM Executive Board in Budapest (HUN) on September 5.

New Tetrathlon incorporates Fencing into the existing UIPM Sport of Triathle, which combines Swimming with Laser Run. The EB approved the concept and agreed to appoint a new working group, which will meet frequently over the next year to develop a framework and detailed rules.

Viacheslav Malishev, UIPM Executive Board Member for Development, said: “This is a very exciting time for our sporting movement in Africa. Not only is Laser Run becoming increasingly popular across the continent thanks to the Global Laser Run City Tour, but now our National Federations can make plans for the first-ever Youth Olympic Games in the region.

“Dakar 2022 provides a wonderful opportunity to advance our development programme in Africa, but it is important that we leave no stone unturned in preparations, and that is why a special UIPM coaching clinic took place recently in the city.

“Coaches in Senegal and other African countries can be sure they will have numerous opportunities to progress and gain certification as they hone their coaching techniques under the supervision of our UIPM Instructors.”

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