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COVID-19 Coronavirus: How UIPM’s global community is responding 

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All around the world, members of the UIPM Sports community have responded in positive ways to the profound changes to life – and the suspension of organised sport – caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

In March we brought you news of the athletes in Cairo (EGY) working to support disadvantaged members of the community with aid packages. In the first of a monthly series, here are some of the activities that took place in April.

On April 18 and 19, Modern Pentathlon Australia organised a time trial that engaged athletes aged eight to 20 within their homes in all parts of the country.

On the first day, there was a 2km time trail and a 10x10 shots accuracy test of laser shooting. Day two featured a Laser Run event that required athletes to replicate a warm-up similar to competition environment and then complete six laps of 200m with 5 hits. 

A spokesperson for MPA said: “The April time trial was part of our long-term aim of staying connected and coming out of this together, stronger.

“The events were conducted within the athlete’s home environment, adhering to government rules and restrictions relating to self-isolation, and results were submitted, collated and distributed at the conclusion of the weekend.

“We will be conducting regional time trials every month, so athletes have an opportunity to stay connected with their sport and fellow athletes whilst in isolation.”

Athletes from right across Australia took part in the Laser Run time trial in their homes


In Caldas da Rainha (POR), which hosted the UIPM 2018 Under 19 World Championships, the Portuguese Modern Pentathlon Federation showed solidarity with five other organisations to jointly donate eight cardiac monitors to a local hospital. 

The donation, worth €40,000, was warmly welcomed by the Mayor, Tinta Ferreira, who said it showed “hope and solidarity … that these six entities would join together to provide this equipment that will help improve the medical response”.

Some members of the UIPM Sports community have been working on the medical front line to combat the virus, including two well-known Masters athletes - Bob Noble (CAN) and Denise Slik (GBR).

Masters athletes Bob Noble (CAN) and Denise Silk (GBR) have been working on the front line as medics


Pentathlon Canada tweeted: “We want to thank our very own #brave pentathletes like Masters World Champion Bob Noble, a Flight Paramedic with the Infant Transport Team working in efforts against the COVID-19 virus. WE APPRECIATE YOU”

Pentathlon GB East Region posted on Instagram: “Denise Silk has been a Masters world champion in Modern Pentathlon disciplines since 2014. She had a very successful 2019 and 2020 is a new challenge. Doing her job, front line against Covid-19. Helping to keep people safe! We are very proud of you Denise.”

Pentathlon GB has also led the way with its ‘Power Of Five’ campaign encouraging the UIPM Sports community to continue home training inspired by high-profile athletes.


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