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Fifteen schools come together for Laser Run in Kabul (AFG)

Laser Run

More than 300 athletes aged under 18 took part in a special Laser Run competition in the city of Kabul on October 28.

In the first UIPM Sports event permitted to take place in Afghanistan during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, 10 private and five state schools came together to arrange races for students in age categories from Under 8 to Under 18.

Khushal Sarwari , President of the Afghanistan Modern Pentathlon Federation, said: “We are committed to the promotion and development of Modern Pentathlon in Afghanistan and we do all we can to give the basic right of our kids for being happy and enjoy participating in the sport events we organize.

“Our Laser Run competitions are very well welcomed in the country and we are sure we will reach every kid and every village of the country to make this sport famous!”

Habiba Qasimy, Head of the AMPF Women’s Committee, added: “I feel really strong when I see female participants compete; when after competition they come to me and express their greatness and appreciation for the organization of the competition.

“I feel a mixture of sadness and happiness; we feel happy and proud that our Modern Pentathlon is making it possible for them to be happy and play sport; at the same time I feel sad that due to the war our kids have been kept away from their very basic right.”

The local organizing committee presented President Sharwari with a portrait of himself with the UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann.

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