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Fun, family and competitive spirit at 2023 European Biathle/Triathle Championships in Erding (GER)


For four days at the end of June and the beginning of July the picturesque Bavarian town of Erding and its iconic Kronthaler Weiher lake was abuzz with competitive action and sporting community.  

The 2023 European Biathle/Triathle and Laser Run Championships took over the town from June 28 to July 2 with the mixture of top-class and development athletes giving a feeling of family togetherness. 

The organiser of the 2021 UIPM Biathle Triathle WorldChampionships had the strings in his hand. Pierre Jander from Team Oberpfalz and board member of the German Federation took up the challenge of organising this international event and was quickly flooded with registrations. 

Around 640 participants from 25 Nations had registered — the largest group (188) coming from Great Britain. Germany entered the race with 130 athletes, followed by Hungary with 70 athletes. 

In total there were more than 1600 starts during the 4 days of competition, which lasted some days from 7am to 8pm.

Pictures: Branislav Ohrablo, Oscar Streich

Erding is a city in Bavaria only a few kilometers away from Munich airport. Beside sports, Erding also had something else to offer this weekend - the athletes and especially the coaches were happy that the Old Town Festival was taking place at the same time as the championships. 

The competition site was compact and very spectator-friendly, but also workable for the competitions that UIPM Technical Delegate Karman Sandor had in mind.

Sports commentator was again Andreas Groß known in Germany as “the voice of Biathle/Triathle/Laser Run”. He energised the spectators and gave the athletes goosebumps with his commentary.

Gregan Clarkson, winner of the gold medal in the 40+ Biathle said about Kronthaler Weiher “It is still one of the most beautiful, cleanest and warmest lakes I have ever swum in.”

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