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Laser-Run is a global success story in Lisbon

Laser Run

LISBON, PORTUGAL - More than 400 athletes gathered in the Portuguese capital city this weekend to participate in the 2nd UIPM Laser-Run World Championships.

Laser-Run is the fastest-growing sport of the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) and after a successful Olympic Games for Modern Pentathlon in Rio de Janeiro, the championships provided an exhibition in Running and Shooting skills with the format mirroring the Modern Pentathlon Combined Event.

In all, 421 pentathletes from 22 nations battled high temperatures to take part in an exciting weekend of competitions catering for all ages from under-11 to over-60. There were excellent results from teams from Egypt and South Africa, demonstrating the global reach that the new format has already achieved.

The Czech Republic dominated the senior events, where the Women’s Individual title was won by Rio 2016 Olympian Barbora Kodedova (CZE) and the senior Men’s Individual title was claimed by Ondrej Polivka (CZE).  

The Czech duo then teamed up on the final day to complete a golden treble with victory in the senior Mixed Relay event.

Dr Klaus Schormann, President of UIPM, said: “The 2nd Laser-Run World Championships in Lisbon was another big step for the development of Modern Pentathlon after the inauguration of this competition in Perpignan in 2015.

"As we saw here, the combination of Running and Shooting which replicates the climax of a Modern Pentathlon competition creates its own exciting World Championships.

"UIPM was delighted to see 421 athletes from 22 countries in different age groups coming here to participate in Lisbon." 

Laser-Run combines Running (400m laps) and Shooting (laser pistols from 10m) in fast-paced and dynamic races that can be held in urban, parkland or beach venues. The venue this weekend was Parque das Nações (Park of Nations) in the Oceanarium area which was renovated for the Lisbon Expo in 1998.

The UIPM Laser-Run World Championships are not only for the elite – as well as competitive races there is also a Laser-Run for All division which allows participants with no competitive experience to try their hand at the concept.

The UIPM Laser-Run World Championships made a triumphant debut 12 months ago in Perpignan (FRA). 

In Lisbon there were ten age categories in the elite division and five age categories in the open division (for athletes who are not registered with UIPM). Each of those categories featured Individual races for men and women and a Mixed Relay.

Finally the Laser-Run for All division allowed anyone who had registered at to try Individual and Mixed Relay races for fun, with the Running distance capped at 1200m and Shooting taking place from a range of 5m.

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