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Laser-Run with obstacles is born with Los Angeles demonstration event

Laser Run

The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has completed a successful first demonstration event of Laser-Run with obstacles, which the federation is planning to incorporate into Modern Pentathlon’s Mixed Relay event.

Eight specially-designed obstacles of varying shape and difficulty were put to the test by volunteer athletes from both the UIPM and OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) in a special race that took place after the Women’s Final at World Cup I at Fairplex, Los Angeles on February 25.

Dr Klaus Schormann, UIPM President, said: “The addition of obstacles to our Laser-Run discipline will make the Mixed Relay a more interesting and dramatic spectacle both for our athletes and our audience. We are in the process of refining the type of obstacles so as not to influence the flow and rhythm of athletes when they are running.

“This is a logical step in the evolution of the format of our beloved Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon, and it forms part of a confident application by UIPM for the Mixed Relay to be added to the programme of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.”

Janusz Peciak, the UIPM Sports Director and 1976 Olympic champion in Modern Pentathlon, said: “Last night’s successful demonstration event at Fairplex has underlined the added value that Obstacle Laser-Run can bring to the Mixed Relay and to the wider Olympic sporting movement.

“This is a truly innovative discipline which adds to the challenge facing our athletes, requiring stamina, concentration as well as the teamwork that is already the hallmark of the Mixed Relay. Most importantly, it is a perfect format for spectators.”

The UIPM will continue to test and demonstrate Laser-Run with obstacles as an additional feature of the Mixed Relay and another demonstration will be held during World Cup II in Cairo (EGY) in March.

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