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#LaserAllStars can embrace sport and enlarge our community: UIPM Secretary General’s Message

UIPM Family

This week has a special significance for the UIPM movement. Not only because it is exactly one year until the Modern Pentathlon takes place at the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but because we are introducing a new global initiative to connect our community online.

Sounds familiar, right?

In May we broke new ground with our first virtual competition, #LaserHomeRun, and now we are introducing #LaserAllStars. Be assured, these are not gimmicks – virtual events could become a permanent part of our competition calendar if the format is manageable and the feedback positive.

So why do we feel that pentathletes deserve the All Star treatment?

They have all-round skills – mental and physical.

They compete with endurance and speed.

They have qualities of strength and concentration.

They are also impressive physical specimens – athletes trained and shaped to be stars and heroes!


So why #LaserAllStars?

As the first International Federation and still the only sport to use laser shooting in all real sport events, our athletes embraced the technology and adapted themselves for environmentally friendly sport and a sustainable future.

We have the fastest laser shooters, scoring five hits from 10m within seven seconds – and this is only a fifth of what they are capable of doing.

If you are a fan of video games, you will naturally love laser shooting – the flashing lights, the speed, the precision and the real touch of the trigger…

We are living more and more in an online environment. The pandemic accelerated the process of everything becoming inter-connected, and our athletes can use their sporting skill in laser shooting to demonstrate the spirit of sport in a virtual world!



So what is next after #LaserAllStars?

Pentathlon All Stars!?


And how do we get there?

Well, we invite everyone in the global pentathlon community to send us your ideas and suggestions.

UIPM will be ready to join in all kinds of virtual Games and festivals.

We are living in a real world, and we open our eyes to changes within that world.

This is a historic moment for our movement, created by Coubertin at the dawn of the 20th century and subject to a steady evolution ever since.

UIPM has been and will always be an evoluting movement, while we maintain our historical icons and heritage.

I hope the participants in #LaserAllStars enjoy it and grasp the moment – every one of you is a trailblazer!


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