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Launch of completes Federation's Digital Ecosystem

Modern Pentathlon

The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) is delighted to announce the launch of, a new digital platform for Modern Pentathlon.

With the 2016 Olympic Games less than 200 days away UIPM TV has a programme of exciting TV events in store to reach Modern Pentathlon fans no matter where they are in the World.

UIPM has a struck up a TV partnership for the 2016 season with production firm Sunset+Vine and a digital partnership with Digotel, which will run

Not only will visitors to the new site be able to watch a 1-hour programme relaying the action from each day of a major UIPM event, they will also get the chance to engage with the world's top Modern Pentathletes through the Social Media Hub.

Streaming all over the world, the 1-hour programmes will feature a highlights package from the first three events of the day (Fencing, Swimming and Riding) as well as a live stream from the closing Combined Event.

UIPM Secretary General, Shiny Fang, said: "This impressive platform adds a new dimension to our online video coverage. By embracing digital technology, we hope to reach a wide audience and increase awareness of our sport."

UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann, said: "With the launch of UIPM TV we have proved once again that Modern Pentathlon is becoming accessible to every corner of the world and moving with the times.

"It is very important that we now have a dedicated home for live coverage of our sport, as well as a social media hub where fans can follow the activities of our wonderful athletes all in one place.

"The launch of UIPM TV is a real gesture of intent as Modern Pentathlon prepares for a busy Olympic year."

The multi-channel responsive video portal is designed and driven using components of the Digotel Live+ video platform to deliver both live and on-demand content.

It includes an individual channel for a series of UIPM disciplines, allowing fans to access a variety of event coverage. The portal also features a social media hub, which aggregates information from the International and National Federations and athletes across multiple social networks.

Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy, chairman of the UIPM Athletes Committee, said: "The introduction of UIPM TV with its Social Hub is a big step forward for our sport. The most important thing is that the project has been implemented this season before the Olympic Games.

"Now all Modern Pentathlon fans have a great opportunity to be much closer to their favorite athletes."

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