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Masters show how it’s done by merging formats at competitions in France and Germany


The month of June 2024 witnessed thrilling Masters events in Modern Pentathlon, showcasing the skills and endurance of athletes across various disciplines in two prominent competitions: the 2024 France Masters Open and the International German Masters Modern Pentathlon Championships.


2024 France Masters Open: Argelès-sur-Mer

From June 1-2, the coastal town of Argelès-sur-Mer hosted the 2024 France Masters Open, drawing 41 athletes from France and seven other countries (Czechia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ukraine, Italy and Spain). This competition featured Tetrathlon and two versions of Modern Pentathlon, one with Obstacle discipline.

The event kicked off with Fencing on Saturday afternoon, where Nelly Gaucher (FRA) and Sylvain Louis (FRA) led the rankings. Sunday saw participants splitting into groups for the Riding course and Obstacle race. Thomas Morillon (FRA) set a stunning record for Masters in the Obstacle event with only 30sec.

Alexander Ermakov (ESP) excelled in Riding, scoring 300 points, while Karen Thomas (FRA) was the best female rider.

In Swimming, Pavlos Dakoutros (GRE) and Marketa Honova (CZE), both Masters 30+, dominated, with impressive performances by Jimmy Canot (FRA) in the M60+ category.

The day concluded with a Laser Run, where a remarkable 6min 39sec Laser Run from William Atger (FRA) was not enough to win in his category. Francesco Lo Monaco (ITA) delivered an impressive 5:29 in the Men’s M60+ category. Honova (CZE) also excelled with an 8:15 Laser Run, leading the women’s category.

Julien Maratier (FRA) and Jocelyn Laporte (FRA) emerged victorious in the Pentathlon with Obstacles, winning the M40+ and M50+ categories respectively​.

International German Masters: Halle an der Saale

From June 20-22, Halle an der Saale was the stage for the International German Masters Modern Pentathlon Championships. Twenty-seven athletes from Germany and seven other nations including Austria, Switzerland and Hungary competed under excellent conditions.

Honova (CZE) shone once again in the Women’s Pentathlon with Riding, securing overall victory in the 30+ to 59 age group with a total of 1669 points. In the men's category, Rudiger Tesar (AUT) led with 1714 points. The 60-70 age group saw Philip Budden (GBR) win a tight competition with 1672 points.

The event also previewed the new Obstacle course format, where Masters from Germany showed great performance. Dr Vera Oettinger (GER) won the Women's Obstacle Pentathlon with 1419 points, and Dr Barbara Oettinger (GER) clinched gold in the 60+ category. The Mixed Relay events saw the team of Gesche Reimers (GER) and Tesar (AUT) triumph in the Pentathlon with Riding, while Dr Vera Oettinger (GER) and Daniel Curth (GER) led in the Pentathlon with Obstacles.

Both competitions not only highlighted the athletes' prowess but also set the stage for future innovations in Modern Pentathlon, promising an exciting blend of tradition and new challenges for the sport. The results of both competitions are available at UIPM Masters Past Events.

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