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Modern Pentathlon and Tetrathlon formats pass test in Budapest (HUN) and Cairo (EGY)

Modern Pentathlon

12.09.2020: Budapest, HUN

The fifth test of the New Tetrathlon format proposed for the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games took place at the Csepel Club in Budapest under the auspices of the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Association (HMPA).

The field of play consisted of an outdoor tent for Fencing and an outdoor Triathle course including a 50-metre swimming pool.

Changes from the 2019 test events, as recommended by the New Tetrathlon Working Group, included the introduction of a Fencing Ranking Round in advance of the Triathle, a Fencing Bonus Round where victories were worth two points and an adjustment of the running course to 600m.

13-14.09.2020: Budapest, HUN

The Csepel Club again played host, along with the Nemzeti Lovada Riding Centre, as UIPM tested the new Modern Pentathlon format proposed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games for the first time.

The flow of the competition in the new 90-minute sequence (Riding / Fencing Bonus Round / Swimming / Laser Run) was tested along with the shorter breaks, with the running course again reduced to 600m and the increasing value of a touch in the Fencing Bonus Round to two points.

25-26.09.2020: Cairo, EGY

The Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation hosted the second test event of the new Modern Pentathlon format proposed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, using the established Platinum Club venue.

Several lessons learned during the first test in Budapest (HUN) were applied to the second event, which was given competitive relevance with the staging of the Egyptian Cup. The competition was broken up into semi-finals and a final as will be the case in future Olympic Games.

A survey of participants in both Modern Pentathlon test events conducted in September 2020 found that 54% of athletes rated their experience of enjoying the competition as good, very good or excellent while 74% rated the new sequence of disciplines as good, very good or excellent.

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