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New Pentathlon Discipline: Korea petition continues trend of National Federation support


One of Modern Pentathlon’s top-performing nations has voiced its full support for the ongoing reform of the sport via the integration of Obstacle Discipline. 

The Korean Modern Pentathlon Federation (KMPF) raised a petition with more than 600 signatures in favour of UIPM’s New Pentathlon Discipline process. 

Korea has enjoyed prolific success in UIPM competitions in recent years and won its first Olympic medal at Tokyo 2020. The petition was signed by members of the Korean pentathlon community encompassing “athletes, coaches, officials and concerned persons such as family, friends and fans”.  

The full article can be viewed at and the English translation is copied below. 

In the wake of the New Pentathlon Discipline Test Event I in Ankara (TUR), which was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, the KMPF petition continues a trend of National Federation support that began with official letters of support in November 20201 and 81% voting in favour of the New 5th Discipline consultation process at UIPM 2021 Congress. 

In June 2022, Pentathlon GB – which had previously stated a preference for the retention of Riding in Modern Pentathlon – pledged “full support to UIPM in their efforts to confirm our [Olympic] status and fulfil our obligation to protect the long-term future of our sport” on the basis of a member survey. 

Also in June, Hungary staged an obstacle practice session for pentathletes on the outskirts of the capital city, Budapest, which also met with positive athlete and observer feedback

UIPM’s development team is currently communicating with a wide range of pending new member federations – many of them drawn to the sport by the potential of a more secure future for Modern Pentathlon in the Olympic Games.  

One lapsed member, Malta, has just restored its membership, becoming the 131st National Federation after being attracted back to the fold by the potential integration of Obstacle Discipline. 

Marco Tomasini, Secretary General of the Malta Modern Pentathlon Association, said: “Malta started the UIPM recognition process two years ago, working to develop the activities and to develop this historical sport.

“The New 5th Discipline was for us the real booster needed, and with this new development we can try to participate in future UIPM World Championships and World Cups.

“We would like to thank the UIPM for giving us this opportunity and FISO for always supporting us in the development of our federation.”

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “The aim of the New Pentathlon Discipline process is to transform Modern Pentathlon into one of the most popular, accessible and sports in the Olympic Games. 

“The first Test Event of Obstacle Discipline in Ankara was very successful and it is great news that we already have a second Test Event in the pipeline, in Asia.  

“Korea already supported this process by giving its elite athletes the chance to try Obstacle Discipline in Ankara, and it was very encouraging to hear that so many members of the Korean pentathlon community signed the NF petition, recognising the need for change.” 

The English translation of the KMPF news article reads as follows: 

Dear Pentathlon families and friends in Korea, 

We, Korean Modern Pentathlon Federation are always doing our best to develop the Olympic sport, Modern Pentathlon in Korea. 

As you are well aware, we are now in the midst of a wave of change. 

We are going to embrace more popular sport, obstacle event, as a new 5th discipline of the Modern Pentathlon in order to keep it in the official program of2028 LA Olympic Games and also to expand the base of the Modern Pentathlon all around the world, instead of the riding. 

We consider this is a wise choice for a new turning point and a better future of the Modern Pentathlon. 

In this regard, we have conducted the signature campaign in Korea and delivered the signatures (total 606 signatures from athletes, coaches, officials and concerned persons such as family, friends and fans in Korea) to UIPM, confirming that we fully support the stance of the UIPM on the way in which they are introducing replacing riding in order to stay in the Olympic Games. 

Once again, we sincerely hope that the Modern Pentathlon, which we all love, will be adopted as an official event of the 2028 LA Olympic Games and beyond for the next generation. 



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