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New Pentathlon Discipline: Test Event III set to give youths a glimpse of the future

Modern Pentathlon

Future Olympic pentathletes have been invited to experience Obstacle Discipline in the first test of the concept dedicated to youth athletes.

New Pentathlon Discipline Test Event III will be held on a beach in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy on September 9-10, in parallel with the UIPM 2022 Youth World Championships (U19/U17) which take place from September 4-11.

The scheduling of the event enables teenage athletes from every continent to sample Obstacle Discipline in the most inclusive and accessible test event to date. UIPM’s combined Youth World Championships typically attracts more than 300 athletes from around 30 countries.

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Two youth athletes from Italy, Under 17 national champions who teamed up to win Mixed Relay silver at the 2022 European Youth Championships in Krakow (POL), revealed their excitement about the upcoming Test Event.

Annachiara Allara said: “Testing the new sport will be an exciting experience that I will treasure along with the World Championships. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm thrilled at the idea of climbing and twirling like an acrobat. I'd love to challenge myself out of my comfort zone.”

Denis Agavriloaie said: “I'd love to participate in the next Test Event and to be able to try the new sport that probably will take the place of Riding. I like to be challenged, and it would be stimulating to put myself out there once again. At the same time I really hope that UIPM and FIPM will help the clubs where athletes spend so much time to create suitable spaces to practise this new engaging discipline.”

Yasser Hefny of Egypt, UIPM Athletes Committee Chair, said: “I believe athletes aged under 19 are the most important audience for the New Pentathlon Discipline process. This is the generation most likely to be competing for medals in 2028 and beyond.

“I’m delighted for our youth athletes that they will have an opportunity in Italy to sample Obstacle Discipline – especially on the beach! It will be interesting for them and also a lot of fun.”

U17 stars Denis Agavriloaie (left; ITA) and Annachiara Allara (right; ITA) revealed their excitement about the test event



The format of Test Event III will differ slightly as it takes place during an existing UIPM competition.

On each of the two days, the Obstacle Discipline test will take place one hour after the end of World Championships competition. Athletes will watch a short demonstration from obstacle athletes before having a monitored training session, then concluding with a short competition.

Italian clubs in attendance will also be given the opportunity to sample the course – built on a beach for the first time, demonstrating the flexibility of the discipline – in the mornings.

The obstacle course will be tailored for youth athletes. The race set-up and management will be undertaken collaboratively between global governing bodies UIPM and World Obstacle (FISO), obstacle rights-holders Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) and Spartan Race, and course builders ATS.




UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “On behalf of the UIPM Executive Board I am grateful to the Italian Modern Pentathlon Federation (FIPM) for adding the third Obstacle Discipline Test Event to the schedule for the UIPM 2022 Youth World Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

“After the first test in Ankara, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. We are confident that the second test in Manila and third test will be equally successful. There will be a special focus on Under 19 and Under 17 athletes in Italy. This is important because these athletes will be approaching the peak of their careers at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

“I encourage all National Federations, coaches, and support teams to give athletes the opportunity to participate in the Obstacle Discipline test and discover how this discipline can be successfully integrated into Modern Pentathlon’s future in the Olympic Games.”

UIPM Executive Board Member for Development, Dr Viacheslav Malishev, said: “From a development perspective, the scheduling of the Obstacle Discipline Test Event during the UIPM 2022 Youth World Championships is important because it gives the elite athletes of tomorrow the same opportunities being given to the elite athletes of today.

“I believe there will be a lot of enthusiasm about the Test Event in Italy, and the participating athletes will learn a lot from the Obstacle specialists and enjoy their chance to train and race on the course that will be built in Lignano Sabbiadoro.”




Fabrizio Bittner, Italian Modern Pentathlon Federation (FIPM) President, said: “We are very proud to host Test Event III in Italy. I had the chance to witness the impact of the new discipline at the event in Ankara and I can say it was really interesting and positive.

“Obstacle racing is spectacular and it will certainly be well accepted and popular among the youngsters. I believe that our sport must become a protagonist of change and be an ambassador for a new sport and exercise culture.”




Obstacle Discipline is undergoing an intensive pilot phase as a potential addition to Modern Pentathlon for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. After the successful Test Event I in Ankara (TUR) on June 27-28, the action switches to Asia later this week with Test Event II taking place in Manila (PHI) from August 6-7.

Obstacle Discipline was selected in May 2022 for testing as UIPM explores the possibility of integrating the globally popular racing concept into Modern Pentathlon after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

At the end of the testing and evaluation phase, UIPM 2022 Congress will vote on proposals for the LA28 Modern Pentathlon format to be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Participants in Test Event I gave the event a resounding seal of approval in their answers to an official survey. More than nine out of 10 participating pentathletes (92%) and observers (93%) said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall Test Event experience.

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