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Para Pentathlon Spotlight: How new registration system can boost para-athlete numbers

Para Pentathlon

Q&A: How nations can boost para-athlete numbers by using UIPM registration system

In 2022, UIPM launched a new para-athlete registration and licensing system to promote accessibility and universality within the global Modern Pentathlon community.

This was a positive first step, but it was only the start of what promises to be an exponential increase in UIPM Para Sports participation.

In 2023 UIPM is encouraging and supporting all National Federations to use the para-athlete registration system to grow individual athlete numbers.

The following Q&A provides further information but if you have any questions, check out the contacts at the end of the article.

Why are we trying to grow the para-athlete movement for Modern Pentathlon?

To answer this question it is useful to look at the origins of the Paralympic Games, developed by Sir Ludwig Guttman.

A German neurologist who lived in Great Britain, Sir Ludwig established the Stoke Mandeville Games, a sporting competition for British World War II veterans. This was the first official sporting event for people with disabilities and later evolved into the Paralympic Games.

Four years later, athletes from the Netherlands joined in. This was the start of the Paralympic movement as we know it today.

With Modern Pentathlon having been purpose-built for the Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games based on its ancient pentathlon counterpart and with the intention of examining the skills of the ideal soldier, there is a clear military connection, even though the majority of athletes are drawn nowadays from the civilian population.

Encouraging para-athlete participation is another means of keeping the military history of the sport alive.

Who can participate in para events?

A para-athlete is an athlete who has a disability or impairment that enables them to compete in para sports – see Section 7 of the UIPM Para-Sport Regulations.

The UIPM uses an evidence-based classification with a range of individual para categories for the sub sports of Modern Pentathlon. Further information will be provided in upcoming ‘Para Pentathlon Spotlight’ articles and will be available on the UIPM website.

How you can help, as a National Federation?

National Federations are key to continually growing an athlete base that progresses through the UIPM pyramid. The same principles apply to growth in the para space.

As a first step, we encourage all National Federations to simply spread the word to all athletes, clubs, schools and other sporting bodies, that Modern Pentathlon now has a para-athlete registration system and para events.

As a second step, National Federations are encouraged to start using the registration system. The system can be accessed via the normal portal and has a range of details to complete.  Please note, you don’t need to provide all details to start, as the UIPM Para Pentathlon Commission is there to assist.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, members of the Para Pentathlon Commission are here to serve National Federations 24/7.

The key contacts are:

Throughout 2023, regular articles will provide further details on para athletes, upcoming events and how countries can help to grow the movement.

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