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Preparing for a new normal: UIPM Secretary General’s message


UIPM Secretary General, Shiny Fang, has written a message to address some of the concerns of the global UIPM Sports community about possible consequences of the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - and how they can be overcome through innovation.

Dear athletes, dear National Federations,

While the whole world is still suffering, as an international sports organization and as athletes, we mustn’t stop thinking what can we contribute to our community and the wider world. How can we reshape ourselves to suit the situation and the ‘new normal’ future that awaits us?

The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games demonstrated that the impossible is possible. More than 6 million people are affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus and almost 400,000 deaths have taught us to be ready for any uncertainty and difficulty … but we need to remain optimistic to live in any conditions.

As a sport born and designed for the Olympic Games, frankly, Modern Pentathlon can’t stand without the Olympic Games, and we at UIPM are not ashamed of relying on Olympic revenue. However, it is our responsibility to think and prepare for all scenarios.At UIPM, under the guidance of the President and Executive Board, we face the reality and embrace any potential possibility. We created the first global virtual Laser Run (#LaserHomeRun), which did not exist in any agenda, and we are planning an online laser shooting grand final in August or September to continue this virtual journey, while the first edition of e-laser run will be launched in the coming months.

Nobody wanted this period of event suspension to happen but we see it as a golden time for online communication, because it’s another way of bringing everyone together. It is also the moment to reflect on our progress and catch up on where we can improve in our communications.

We have seen the enthusiasm of our athletes and their supportive attitude for any new initiatives, because they are open-minded and intelligent with all-round skills equipped not only with an able body but also with an alert mind.

Will the world overcome the virus with the help of a vaccine soon? Will Tokyo 2020 take place in 2021? Will our sport survive and grow in any condition?

We have no time to waste but to endeavour all we can. Our sport and our athletes deserve a good future by working together and thinking together. Humanity can create a better life by united effort and common goals!

Together with all members of the community, under the leadership of the President and the Executive Board, the UIPM staff team is committed to serving you and to working with you for our best possible future.


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