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President’s Activities

UIPM Family

8.10.2019, Darmstadt (GER)

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann welcomed a new Interim Assistant, Lena Nussbaumer, who will provide maternity cover for Pagona Sonndag when she leaves the President’s Office to have her first child in December 2019.


16.10.2019, Beijing (CHN)

President Dr Schormann embarked on an extended visit to China hosted by the local organizing committee of the UIPM 2020 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships in Xiamen (CHN).

On the first day, October 16, he was joined by Secretary General Shiny Fang at a special Xiamen 2020 World Championships press conference at the ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium in Beijing. 

This large-scale media event featured the presentation of various competition sponsors and a sequence of videos and performances. The Xiamen 2020 mascot was also revealed, along with a group of Pentathlon statuettes depicting the five disciplines.

President Dr Schormann made a wide-ranging speech covering the history of Modern Pentathlon in China and the exciting prospect of the 60th UIPM Pentathlon World Championships taking place in a state-of-the-art Pentathlon Arena in Xiamen in 2020 - 10 years after the 50th instalment took place in Chengdu (CHN). 

He also highlighted the UIPM 2020 Congress, which will take place in Xiamen (CHN) in November next year with UIPM targeting an attendance of 150 countries.

Xu Haifeng, Vice President of the Chinese Modern Pentathlon Association (CMPA) and the first Chinese Olympic gold medallist in free pistol shooting (Los Angeles 1984), was also present at the press conference, along with CMPA President Bin Zhang and Secretary General Shen Kejian.


17-18.10.2019, Xiamen (CHN)

On October 17, President Dr Schormann arrived in Xiamen and had a meeting with the operations team for Xiamen 2020 in the office of Hang Xiao (President of Fujian Ma Yun Valley Culture Development).

On October 18, President Schormann visited the Pentathlon Arena that will host the UIPM 2020 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships.

The UIPM President also met with the Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Guo Guirong, Deputy District Head Lian Haicang and City Government officials to discuss preparatory steps for the 60th UIPM Pentathlon World Championships in Xiamen.


Dr Schormann meets members of the local organing committee and inspects the 2020 World Championships competition stadium in Xiamen (CHN)


President Dr Schormann presents bronze UIPM sculptures to Vice Mayor Guo Guirong (right) and other dignitaries in Xiamen (CHN)


19.10-21.10.2019, Shenzhen (CHN)

During the visit to China, UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann and Secretary General Shiny Fang met with a range of governors and investors to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

From October 19-21 in Shenzhen, together with UIPM Equipment Commission Member Gary Lu (also CEO of Absolute Fencing) they discussed future UIPM training and competition opportunities presented by a new multi-sport complex in Shenzhen.

They met with Governors of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau and representatives of the District Committee and District Government Party, as well as Minister of Propaganda Zhou Xueliang.

Other key stakeholders in the meetings were the Vice President and Chairman of Shenzhen Tefa Real Estate Co Ltd, Li Maohong and Zhang Junlin respectively, as well as colleagues from the Business, Culture and Sport departments.




Dr Schormann and Mrs Fang attend a meeting with governors and sponsors in Shenzhen (CHN)


21.10-26.10.2019, Wuhan (CHN) 

President Dr Schormann spent several days attending the 7th CISM World Military Games, where Modern Pentathlon was once again on the programme.

At the Swimming pool in Wuhan he met with CISM Honorary President, Maj Gen Dr Gianni Gola (ITA) and former CISM President Col Abdulhakim Al-Shino (BRN).

The UIPM President was accompanied by CMPA Secretary General Shen Kejian and UIPM Technical Committee Member Dimitry Menshikov (RUS), as well as the CISM Modern Pentathlon Chair, Lt Col Nilton Rolim Filho (BRA).

In a special meeting on October 24 with CISM President Col Herve Piccirillo and Executive Board Member Maj Gen Frances Allen, Dr Schormann and Mrs Fang discussed the long history of Modern Pentathlon in the CISM movement and decided to review the MOU signed in Nice (FRA) during the UIPM Congress in 2011.

President Dr Schormann underlined in a statement to the CISM President what he already stated to Honorary President Dr Gola – that he has great respect for all CISM Members (nations and athletes) around the world to compete under the same rules and respecting protocol in peace and harmony, similar to the Olympic Games. All athletes at the World Military Games live together in an athletes’ village and share friendship and respect and tolerance.

On October 25, the UIPM President and Secretary General met the President of Wuhan Business University, Wang Qinghua, and the Secretary of the Party Committee, Liu Zhihui, to discuss close cooperation for coming competitions and training sessions.

The University has high-level facilities for all disciplines including a first-class Riding facility and its own horses. It hosted UIPM on the university campus during the World Military Games and it will also host the Asia/Oceania Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualifier in November 2019. 





Dr Schormann and Mrs Fang with the organising team (above) and (right) with University President Wang Qinghua and Liu Zhihui of the Party Committee



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