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Russian pentathletes introduce military officers to Laser-Run

Laser Run

Following the decision of the UIPM 2017 Congress in Tbilisi (GEO) to approve an enhanced level of global promotion of Laser-Run, the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia held a short but breathtaking Laser-Run tournament "Pentathletes against Military Forces Officers" on December 2.

The tournament took place in the indoor track and field arena of the Central Army Club. All of the elite Russian pentathletes were present along with representatives of the Russian military forces. There were a lot of spectators, mostly parents whose children take part in Modern Pentathlon and military academy students.

The tournament, which has now become a tradition in Russia and will continue in 2018, was short and dynamic with entertainment by a popular cheerleading group.

The military demonstrated fantastic running skills and took the bronze in both competitions. But the pentathlete Pavel Babanin, Under 19 Champion of Russia, won first prize. The team medal was awarded to the team of Military Forces "Rosgvardia".

At the end of the friendly competition, pentathletes who had participated in the tournament awarded their new sporting friends with Modern Pentathlon souvenirs.

Viacheslav Aminov, RMPF President and UIPM Vice-President, said: “This tournament was a great expression of fair play which engaged and thrilled the spectators. We all very much enjoyed it.”

In 2018, numerous Russian cities including Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma and Novosibirsk will feature as hosts on the global UIPM Laser-Run City Tour circuit.

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