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Seven women among coaches undertaking Level 1 CCP course in Calgary (CAN)


Modern Pentathlon has been gender-neutral in all competitions since the start of the 21st century, but UIPM’s commitment to equality extends beyond the field of play.

Coaching is one of many areas where the global community is working hard to achieve gender balance, and a recent course in Canada that had almost 50/50 male and female attendance served to underline the progress being made.

The Level 1 introduction to UIPM’s Coaches Certification Programme (CCP) enabled 15 Canadian coaches, seven of whom were women, to get their first qualification.

The course took place at the Repsol Sport Centre in Calgary, host city of the 1988 Winter Olympics, spanning April 1-23, coordinated by UIPM Level 3 coach and Beijing 2008 Olympian Joshua Riker-Fox.

UIPM Coaches Committee Chairman Christian Roudaut said: “The Level 1 course in April 2022 was unique. For the very first time we had the chance to split a CCP course into two parts: one part online with pre-recorded lessons and one part consisting of practice on the field.

“This enabled the coaches to have experiences on the field as well as being assessed remotely. I would like to thank Joshua and everybody involved in this successful introductory course.”

Like all CCP courses, coaches will earn their Level 1 qualification when they conclude the syllabus by completing e-learning courses covering anti-doping and harassment prevention.

For more information on the CCP please visit the UIPM Educational Platform.

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