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Tell us your Pentathlon stories: UIPM Secretary General’s Message

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We’ve all heard the story, right?

The one about the 19th century cavalry officer whose ability to swim, ride, run, shoot and fight with a sword inspired Baron Pierre de Coubertin to create the Modern Pentathlon.

Five unique disciplines combined to provide the ultimate test of ‘moral qualities as much as physical resources and skills, producing thereby the ideal, complete athlete’.

A sport designed to create the all-round hero of the Olympic Games, referred to as Victor Ludorum in the Ancient Games after the introduction of Pentathlon in Olympia in 708BC.

We all know this story, and it is a timeless reminder of the origin of our beloved sport, but it’s not enough on its own. Modern Pentathlon has already evolved too much to be confined by this definition alone. And we need to keep evolving to protect our future.

That is why I am asking you, members of the global community who are the heartbeat of our sport, for help as we prepare for another Olympic Games.


What are your favourite Pentathlon stories?


What captures your imagination when you consider our sport? What makes it unique?


Who are the heroes of Pentathlon, and why? Are they real or imaginary?


Let’s make it a competition. Send us your Pentathlon stories and you could win a special prize.

There are no gold, silver or bronze medals at stake, but there will be a UIPM jury put in place to identify the best stories and reward the authors of the stories that truly encapsulate the glory of our sport.

They can be short or long, true or fictional, written for print or scripted for audio / video. The only criteria is that the story must be about Pentathlon.


So why get involved?

You might be a coach, an athlete, an official, an administrator – or even a family member or a fan. By entering this competition, you will not only be testing your creativity and trying to win something. You will be helping us to tell the story of our sport to a global audience at the best possible time – during Olympic year.


And why are we doing this?

We are looking for good stories to help promote our sport, our competitions and our athletes.

We need your help to communicate the glory of our sport to people who are not yet part of our community, and whose knowledge of Pentathlon is limited or non-existent.

We need to underline our difference and uniqueness – to make a bold statement about the value of Pentathlon to the Olympic Games and the principles of Olympism.

Please submit your Pentathlon stories to by Saturday 31st October. I can’t wait to read them!



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