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Tribute to Frank Gosling (1932-2020)

UIPM Family

Tributes have been paid from across the global UIPM Sports community to Frank Gosling, former President of Pentathlon Canada, who died on November 18, 2020 aged 88.

Frank was the elected leader of his National Federation for more than 15 years and was a popular figure on both the domestic and international Modern Pentathlon circuits.

Former Olympic athlete and Modern Pentathlon coach Joshua Riker-Fox (CAN) said: “Frank was an early inspiration for me in the sport of MP. I recall his leadership when I was a young athlete attending some of my first National Championships.

“He had a powerful presence, a booming personality and a big smile that I’ll never forget. I’m thankful he encouraged me as a young athlete. He will be missed by many generations of athletes and coaches.”

Rod Staveley, Pentathlon Canada President, said: “On the evening of November 18, we lost one of our great builders, one of our leaders.

“Frank was President of Pentathlon Canada for over 15 years. An infectious smile, endless enthusiasm and the ability to connect with everyone are a few of his traits that stand out.”

Rob Stull, President of the NORCECA Confederation of Modern Pentathlon, said: “Frank was an extraordinary man who lived an extraordinary life. His loss to the Pentathlon community and sport in general both in Canada and the world is beyond measure.”

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “Frank was a truly excellent ambassador for our sporting movement, both within Canada and worldwide.

“We always enjoyed his help and support during UIPM Congress, where he was always a very active participant. He served Modern Pentathlon Canada with great distinction as President for many years. Frank was a real visionary and a true friend.”

UIPM Vice-President Joel Bouzou OLY added: “This is a very sad news. Frank was such a good happy person creating happiness around him through his kind and humorous character. He will be sadly missed.”


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