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Tribute: Valery Ilyin (1947-2020)

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The Russian Modern Pentathlon community is in mourning after the loss of one of its most popular figures to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Valery Ilyin, who died on April 28 aged 72, was a fencer who became an accomplished coach – initially within his own sport and later in Modern Pentathlon.

Born in Moscow, he enjoyed success as a coach with the Central Army Club, where he trained pentathletes. Two of his most prolific trainees were Svetlana Yakovleva, the 1984 world champion, and Tatiana Chernetskaya.

Valery Ilyin also became an international judge and had the title of ‘Honoured Coach of Russia’.

A spokesperson for the Russian Modern Pentathlon Federation said: “He was a very kind and friendly person loved by the Modern Pentathlon family in Russia and the Central Army Club, where he worked and trained pentathletes all his life.”


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