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UIPM 2016 Biathle/ Triathle World Championships: Formats for all as UIPM brings Biathle and Triathle to Florida


SARASOTA, USA - More than 500 athletes from 25 countries have gathered on the west coast of Florida to participate in the 2016 UIPM Biathle-Triathle World Championships.

Athletes aged from the Youth F category (eight and under) to Masters will compete in two different formats over three days at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, where the UIPM 2016 World Cup Final was held.

The competition begins on October 21 with Mixed Relays in both Biathle and Triathle, followed by the Individual Triathle on October 22 and Individual Biathle on October 23.

One special feature during each event is the All Together race, where athletes of different ages can try out Biathle and Triathle in an open competition. Other features of the weekend include a Pasta Party on the evening of October 21.

Biathle has for several years been a popular entry point to the sport for aspiring Modern Pentathletes. For athletes aged over 17 it consists of two Running laps of 1.6km either side of a 200m Swim.

Triathle was a development initiative added to the UIPM sporting portfolio in 2013. For athletes aged over 17 it consists of four laps of 800m Running, four laps of 50m Swimming and four rounds of Shooting from a range of 10m.

Learn more about Triathle and Biathle, where results will be published during the competition.  

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