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UIPM 2019 Global Laser Run City Tour: LA 2028 buzz draws crowds to Davis (USA)

Laser Run

With an Olympic Games on the horizon in Los Angeles in 2028, all Olympic sports will have additional magnetism in the United States and particularly on the west coast in the coming years.

Local organisers in Davis, California sought to capitalise on the 2028 buzz when they engaged members of various running, fencing, swimming and riding clubs in the first Global Laser Run City Tour to take place on the US Pacific coast.

Laser Run, like other UIPM development sports, was created to make it easier for people from communities with no Pentathlon heritage to gain an entry into the UIPM Sports pyramid, which has the core Olympic sport of Pentathlon at the top.

On a warm and sunny day, athletes of all ages were drawn to Davis Community Park to be a part of history, with schools participating in the event along with sports clubs and parents following their children on to the Laser Run course to have their first try of UIPM’s fastest-growing sport.

Simon Pitfield, event director and local organizing committee chair, said: “This is a wonderful event! We’re having a lot of fun and people are coming from all over.

“I’m impressed with the great participation both in terms of volume and diversity for this first-ever Laser Run on the west coast. There were athletes competing from the ages of five to 87 with ability levels from walking to Olympic running.”

Apart from giving people access to UIPM Sports, the GLRCT in Davis also generated income for a wide range of local non-profit organisations in the local area. Simon added: “I’m extremely pleased with our ability to raise several hundred dollars for local schools and non-profits.”

Dan Browne, USAP Pentathlon technical delegate, said: “This is a great start for Laser Run within the United States. Exposing interested individuals to this activity is a great beginning step towards introducing them to the sport of Pentathlon in the future.

“The event was well organized and had a very festive atmosphere with people coming and participating throughout the day.”

The GLRCT was created to provide an entry point to UIPM Sports for people of all ages in urban communities around the world.

Another 100 cities have been selected in 2019 as hosts of the GLRCT or the Biathle/Triathle National Tour. The full calendar can be viewed at the UIPM website, where you can also find more information on UIPM’s various multi-discipline sports.

In September, the UIPM Laser Run World Championships will be incorporated into the Pentathlon World Championships for the first time in Budapest (HUN), where Laser Run is also on the programme for the 1st World Urban Games.

In December, Laser Run and Triathle will both feature for the first time in the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in the Philippines.

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